Saturday, December 10, 2016

The two Mainstreams dovetail -- part 1

"We are not at war with Islam," says Obama -- also adding, of course, that we should not be at war with Islam.

Over at Jihad Watch comments, that community of the other Mainstream (the Counter-Jihad Mainstream, which affects to be oh so different from the broader, pan-Western PC MC Mainstream), this story generated 160 comments.  Among them was a long-time veteran Jihad Watcher, one "PRCS" (he's come up before).  Guess what?  PRCS agreed with Obama, and for days on end, as his fellow Jihad Watchers were throwing tomatoes at Obama all around him in comments, no one (other than one meek commenter) bothered to set him straight.  Not even any of the Rabbit Pack -- that self-appointed high-school-clique-cum-lynch-mob of hall monitors who patrol Jihad Watch comments looking out for people who say the wrong things according to them.  (Perhaps that's because PRCS is himself in the Rabbit Pack.)

At least not until today (December 10):  A leading member, in fact, of the Rabbit Pack -- one "gravenimage" -- actually responded critically to PRCS, fellow member of the Rabbit Pack.  I almost fell off my ergonomic chair.

While gravenimage's response is mostly okay (but overly mild, as she is whenever she's criticizing a fellow Jihad Watcher, not to mention a fellow Rabbit Packer; which at any rate is exceedingly rare), she not once affirmed the central point -- that in fact we should be at war with Islam, insofar as defending yourself against a people at war with you constitutes "being at war".  Here's the passage in question from gravenimage.  She first quotes PRCS:

Those individuals, those Muslims waging “war” against the entire “kuffar” world are–because THEIR “religion” commands them to.
And she responds thusly:

Exactly so–we may not be at war with Islam, but Islam *is* at war with us–and with every non-Muslim.

The pertinent point, however, is not whether we "are" at war with Islam, but whether we should be at war with Islam.  The Counter-Jihad knows all too well that the West, in thrall to PC MC, is not at war with Islam.  Notice how gravenimage skirts this central point.  Meanwhile, the remainder of her replies to  PRCS establish at least the rudiments of a good reason for why we should be at war with Islam, even if her overall rhetoric does not suitably tie the ribbon of the potential argument into explicit bows.  One reasonably supposes she is either too timid to make that explicit affirmation, or she actually agrees with PRCS on this one, the most pertinent, point.

In fact, PRCS wrote three comments on that large comments thread basically espousing the same thing (and essentially agreeing with Obama on the main point).  On the other two comments, of course, none of the Jihad Watch regulars, whether Rabbit Packers or not, bothered to respond.  And then (this is rich), when PRCS in his mental confusion decided to take a pot-shot at Obama thusly --

“Obama will never figure this out”
Don’t know if he doesn’t know or if he does.
Either way, he’s misinforming the general public.

His old friend, one "Wellington" (also a fellow Rabbit Packer), saluted him:

Agreed. The effect is the same whether he is complicit or “simply” a fool.

Why didn't Wellington take PRCS to task for agreeing with Obama?

[To be continued...]

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