Wednesday, January 18, 2017

PC MC before PC MC was cool?

I quote from Devant l'Islam (“Confronting Islam”) by Louis Bertrand (published 1926) where in the first chapter he writes about a visit to Alexandria, Egypt, in the late 1920s, where there had recently been a massacre of non-Muslims:

“I questioned the older Alexandrian citizens.  They recalled periodic massacres: some church, some hospital, some neighborhood having to be rebuilt so many times over a century…  They also recounted recent massacres of 1922.  And don’t tell me it was only the Middle Eastern Jews or Christians who were targeted.  Whoever wore a Western hat was targeted by the same axes or hatchets of the assassins.  In the West, in this age, a media ignorant or venal has glorified the supposed tolerance of the Egyptian Muslims.  If you believe our newspapers, the Copts fraternize from the depths of their hearts with their age-old enemies.  The Crescent has combined with the Cross on one and the same flag -- and glib or complaisant writers see in that a proof of fraternal sentiments of Muslims with regard to Christians.” [chapter 1, p. 21]

As the French say, plus ça change.  Or, at the very least, the longevity of our Western inability to enemize Muslims (I just coined that, I believe) moves us to ponder and reconfigure the Problem of the Problem as having more depth and breadth than the Counter-Jihad Mainstream would seem to think.

(Note on my translation: a bit free here and there, perhaps; as with my "media" for presse and "Western hat" for simply un chapeau.  The original text may be found here.)

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