Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The most benign scenario possible -- still disastrous enough -- is that the Washington context that allowed the OBushma administrations the sociopolitical traction to pursue their policy goals, indulges a Geopolitikanschauung (a geopolitics worldview) vis-à-vis the problem of Islam (which in their perspective, of course, is not a problem of Islam but rather a problem of the whack-a-mole terrorism-cum-guerrilla destabilization of the Tiny Minority of Extremists Who Have Nothing to do With Islam) guided by at least two conceits:

1) that in the maelstrom of the hot spots of the Muslim world, there exist viable numbers and groupings of moderate jihadists (or if not strictly speaking “moderate”, at least capable of forming useful alliances with us in the long-term);

2) the old order that prevailed both prior to, and in the wake of, the protracted dismantlement of Western Colonialism, must be “reconfigured” or “rebooted” with a new Operating System -- the old order being a political order throughout the Muslim world whereby tin-pot dictators had their falafel and ate it too: they kept their corrupt power & money and supported the West against Communism, while at home they also knew (being Muslims themselves) that they had to keep a constant lid on the natural demographic pressure caused by Muslims, involving among other things a near constant holding action against paramilitary/terror coups threatening to topple them in the name of a “purer” Islam.

#1 and #2 above do dovetail, when one fits them into the PC MC worldview: both are in different ways predicated upon the belief that in the Muslim world, “The People” are mostly freedom-loving and, when they want to take up arms against a despotic regime, are just like America’s Founding Fathers and the freedom-fighting patriots of Boston, etc. -- even better (in the perspective of those besotted by PC MC): they are Brown People fighting for freedom against tyrants.

Meanwhile, as Muslims have been pursuing their protracted global revival of Islam after a 300-year-long reversal of fortunes that have increasingly humiliated what should be the Best of Peoples surrounded by superior seas of filthy Kuffar striding over the world and controlling pop culture and global economies, they have been pushing for one step after another in a chain of dominoes to attain this goal -- including not only disparate yet interconnected terrorism, not only transnational Daw’a and Jihad of the Feet (immigration into the Enemy Camp of the Dar al Harb), but also the regional jihads of the “Arab Spring”.

In this complex, protracted dynamic, Muslims who in the old order, before PC MC became the dominant worldview of the West, were more or less pawns of Western geopolitics, have now become the dog wagging the sincerely hapless Wilsonian Dogwalker who, among other disastrous things, looks on at the alarming meltdown of the old order of dictators who kept a cork of sorts on the Genie-in-the-Bottle of Islamic fanaticism and, instead of being appropriately alarmed, think: “Oh, look at all the freedom-loving Brown People who if we only help them get their freedom-loving Moderate Islamic way, will help us manage this problem of the Tiny Minority of Extremists which otherwise would get out of control!”


Egghead said...

Hello fruit and flower,

I am here if you need me, but I am agitated by the fake, by the insouciance, of bloggers who should do better, who refuse to acknowledge the noses on their faces: Hesperado and Ann Barnhardt - to lesser and greater degree - studiously pretend, dare I say lie to themselves and thus also others, about the quite conscious pernicious contributions of past and present Jews to our current dire white Western Christian fate.

Hesp, did the old order dictators spontaneously melt down or did rich and powerful Jews light the fuse to blow up the powder keg?! Oh, you know the answer, so stop lying to yourself - and me. I respect you too much to let you lie to me without protest.

Ann Barnhardt ridicules people who rightly attribute blame to the 'Jooos' - via some notion of collective guilt whereby Christians are as guilty as Jews for continually crucifying Christ metaphorically via sin. Yes, but in a literal world here and now, rich and powerful Jews are actively inflicting the curse of Islam upon Christians to genocide Christians.

I truly wonder that I am such a mover and shaker in ideas of the counter jihad. Years ago, in a private email to Ann Barnhardt, I wrote the sentence 'Obama is as fake as his birth certificate' which Ann stole without credit and presented on her blog as her own (at a time when she told people to use anything that she wrote copyright free!).

My idea struck a nerve in someone on the other side who felt they had to disarm being called fake, so now we hear the word 'fake' as the meme of the day of current politics.

LC: I will call Jews to be Jews until the 'good' Jews break away from the evil of the genocidal Jews and re-label themselves - as good and decent Christians did before them. Thus sayeth the Lord, 'There is neither Jew nor Greek...for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.'

But yet, the blind acceptance of paint job theory is as pernicious to the survival of white Western Christian civilization (and thus all civilization that relies upon white Westerners for support) as the importation of the evil Islam that is most often embraced, adopted, and practiced by those of a darker paint job.

Anonymous said...

Egghead: I read your comments over the years at GoV and realised, as you drew nearer to understanding of the various groups and their different forms of destabilisation of the West, that you would eventually be regarded as personna non grata. 'Hesperado will never acknowledge the veracity of certain points you and others have made on this subject. You may find, if you are presently unaware of them, that diversitymachtfrei.blogspot (in English, the German is a pun!) and will afford more food for thought; the dmf site owner fully understands the Islamic problem but, after years of noting 'counter-jihad' inaction,began to look into what ethnicity has the greater power and negative influence in the West and he often employs that ethnicity's own sources and texts to support his opinions whilst TOO is run by the excellent Professor Kevin McDonald, whose books (Critique of Culture and A People Who Dwell Apart, are enlightening, as are the comments of his readership. A pity H doesn't write more on Christianity; he is gifted in that respect but has a blind spot on the other issue. Never doubt that The Truth ultimately will win.

Anonymous said...

typo: correct website address:

Egghead said...

Dear Anon,

Thank you. I shall post here as I feel called - and as I am permitted. Hesp should know by now that I respect him even as I disagree with him.

I read a most interesting article yesterday which should interest the crowd:

The above article strikes me because, unknowingly, the author confirms the writings of Miles Mathis who claims that many Christian and other religious sects are made up as 'intelligence' projects. E. Michael Jones identifies Jews as sowing new 'Christian' sects.