Thursday, February 02, 2017

Jihad of Le Pen: Better Cop (French style)

And of course, the Better Cop Muslims wouldn't stand a chance to succeed in their ultra-sly taqiyya, were the West -- including the Counter-Jihad -- not filled with bumbling Inspector Clouseaus.

Karim Ouchikh is Algerian, apparently an adult convert from Islam to Catholicism, according to this interview -- and a citizen of a globalist, cosmopolitan France. 

However, it is disquieting that he would want to partner and/or help promote Yacine Zerkoun, a young up-and-coming Algerian Muslim, who -- qua being a Muslim and no other fact is necessary -- we must assume is slyly insinuating himself in stealth jihad into the conservative movement in France as a supporter of Marine Le Pen, and who slyly pretends to be concerned about the immigration problem, but deftly massages into the Body Public the message:

"We should simply ask populations of foreign origin to assimilate, not to leave the country."

("On demande simplement aux populations d’origine étrangère de s’assimiler, pas de quitter le pays.")

In a recent interview with the mainstream French Counter-Jihad site and movement, Riposte Laique, Ouchikh was quite long-winded about sundry problems of France under the sun except Islam; and then when they asked him point-blank about Islam, his long-winded answer continued to blather on in generic terms and only mentioned Islam once, fleetingly, and vaguely.  Buried somewhere in his long answer, he proposed the kind of abstract & limp-wristed responses, dressed up in robust rhetoric, which we see often in the CJM (Counter-Jihad Mainstream):

"It should be agreed -- and first and foremost by the immigrant populations -- to sincerely respect the bedrock of nationalism.  In other words, France should reaffirm, without prevarication, its categorical refusal to enter blindly into a multiculturalist society..."

("...doit donc consentir, – et, au premier chef, les populations immigrées – à honorer sincèrement ce socle identitaire. En d’autres termes, la France doit affirmer, sans atermoiement, son refus catégorique d’entrer insensiblement dans une société multiculturelle...")

And in this context, sounding a note sure to warm the cockles of any self-respecting conservative Frenchman, with an implicit tip of the beret to Marine's father, Jean-Marie (if not ultimately back to the great De Gaulle):

"France should reconnect with its historic role as a balancing power, equally capable of opposing all global hegemonies -- Atlantist or Islamist."

(",,,la France doit enfin renouer avec sa vocation historique de puissance d’équilibre, capable aussi bien de s’opposer à toutes les hégémonies planétaires, atlantiste ou islamiste.")

Notice the sly equivalence there between Islam and America, appealing to the anti-American biases of the French right and linking those with their increasing alarm at Islam.

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Nobody said...

I haven't been following France. What happened to Phillipe de Villiers, and how did Marine Le Pen suddenly become the frontrunner even ahead of him? I know about the various razzias in France, but I'm still surprised that Le Pen is the one who benefited