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Philip Haney's lapse in logic


Philip Haney has struck me as an uncommonly astute analyst of the problem of Islam.  His recent essay on the "Road Map" of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA), however, suffers from one particular lapse in logic.

At least, it appears so.  Perhaps Haney didn't intend what I infer from his words; but that inference seems the most reasonable one to draw.

The main import of his essay I find no fault with, and respect it as a crucial warning of what we already should have been assuming about the organizational structure, and aims, of American Muslims.  In short, Haney has examined a recent public statement by AMJA and has, through his knowledge of Islamic culture and texts, decoded its partially veiled language.  And the message of this "Road Map" published by AMJA is that Trump's victory constitutes a "calamity" for worldwide Muslims (including, of course, American Muslims who -- despite the Counter-Jihad Softies -- do not become suddenly moderate and magically delicious just because they happen to be American).

This "calamity", apparently, as Haney analyzes, necessitates Muslims to ramp up their violence, or shift gears, or switch tactics; it's not clear. In this context, at any rate, the problem with Haney's analysis enters when he seems to make assumptions about stealth jihad.

For example:

With the unexpected election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President, America has reached an historic crossroads vis-à-vis our domestic and foreign counter-terrorism and immigration policies. As will be seen as we walk through the Roadmap’s text, the AMJA regards the election of President Trump as a disruptive calamity – a potentially devastating setback – in its multi-generational strategy to promote Islam, and relentlessly integrate (not assimilate) the core principles of Shariah law into mainstream American society.

The problem comes in at that last part of his last sentence, describing the AMJA/Muslim Brotherhood goal:

...its multi-generational strategy to promote Islam, and relentlessly integrate (not assimilate) the core principles of Shariah law into mainstream American society.

Haney makes it sound like he's arguing that, had not Trump provoked this "calamity", Muslims in America would have continued chugging along with their Plan A, which was to insinuate Shariah law into the fabric of America, and in that way, eventually conquer America by transforming it into an Islamic state (which, perforce, would be a state fully practicing Shariah law).  So far I have no serious disagreement with Haney -- other than the Shariah part.  For it also sounds like Haney thinks that Muslims can actually, without violence, transform America into a fully Shariah-compliant Islamic state.

As I've argued before, this makes no sense -- if we take into account what full Shariah means.  Full Shariah entails numerous laws that are crimes on the books of American law now (and not only America, but the entire West) -- not to mention that most of Shariah, fully enforced with its mask off, would be repellent to the vast majority Westerners, including the majority of PC MCs and soft Leftists.  For this notion to be plausible -- that Muslims could slowly, by "Shariah creep", transform America into a completely Shariah-compliant nation without violence -- would mean that some 295 million Americans would eventually come to accept, for example, chopping off hands for theft, and execution for blasphemy, adultery, and apostasy.  If this is what Haney is implying, one wonders what planet he's on.

So, we must massage & adjust Haney's description here of the "Road Map" of the AMJA/Muslim Brotherhood and its shift in strategy.  I.e., it's not that its Plan A -- its multi-generational strategy to promote Islam -- would have avoided using violence; it's only that the large-scale violence that would be a necessary phase of that multi-generational strategy could and should be put off for many decades.  And the only logical reason for this is that Muslims realize that if they were to try large-scale, systemic violence in America before that distant future, before they are ready (i.e., before they have amassed sufficient numbers throughout America and enough among those numbers will have infiltrated throughout all our key sociopolitical institutions) it would be too soon.  It would provoke the majority of Americans -- including most PC MCs and soft Leftists -- to finally wake up and smell the Arabian coffee and shut down Islam once and for all (not meaning, of course, "killing all Muslims" but rather implementing policies of immigration cessation as well as deportation).

Thus, Plan A's goal is not really about weaving Shariah into the fabric of American society, but only about Muslims digging into our society long and deeply enough, so that at some future date (perhaps 50 or 100 years down the pike), their ability to implement large-scale, systemic violence throughout America will be theoretically devastating enough to reduce our country to a general state of breakdown.  The weaving of Shariah during this long "incubation" phase thus would not be an actual implantation of Shariah in our culture (I explained why already above), but would be merely a vehicle for the deeper penetration of Muslims and of their Islam into our society. 

And, of course, there will always occur -- in tandem with the seemingly harmless assimilation of the majority of Muslims -- seemingly random terror attacks, to continue to unnerve and drain our society, and exacerbate our perverse inclination to provide more, not fewer, concessions to Muslims (the pattern we've already seen throughout the West in the past 15 years).

If this recent change in strategy, as promulgated in veiled terms by this "Road Map", really constitutes a Plan B, it is reasonable to suppose that it doesn't mean a shift to implementing the large-scale, systemic violence in America which heretofore they had realized had to be put off for 50, maybe 100 years. To repeat: the only plausible reason why it had to be put off -- America's staggering superiority over Muslim strength -- has not changed with Trump's ascension to the White House.  If anything, this astronomic asymmetry in military and paramilitary capability has only increased (because, of course, part of military superiority involves will and resolve, rationally based in a Sun-Tzu-like knowledge of the enemy; which is precisely what a Trump shift makes more likely, if it continues to progress).

If I were a Muslim strategist given this predicament, what would I do?  Under the circumstances of this "calamity", the most rational thing to do would be to redouble the course of Plan A, all the while counting on the deeper stealth jihadists, the Better Cops, to continue fooling those on the right including even the Trump supporters -- and even including the leadership of the Counter-Jihad.  For there remains among those demographics throughout the non-Left of the West considerable psychological aversion to progress in their anti-Islam education to the logical conclusion -- the dreaded A word: namely, that we must reasonably assume that all Muslims are equally suspect.  And this can be used as a wedge by the Muslim strategists for further, deeper infiltration by stealth Muslims.  Meanwhile, of course, there would continue to bristle and crackle periodic, sporadic Islamic violence including terror attacks here and there, but always below a certain threshold in terms of quantity, incidence, and quality -- so as not to wake up the sleeping Lion.  And as I argue below, this threshold may well have been raised higher, rather than lower, due to this "calamity".

This "modified Plan A" would take perhaps more patience, and a bit of luck (i.e., inshallah, Allah's mercy); but, given the overwhelming power disparity that remains between Muslims and America, there isn't much choice.  Now, this is assuming the Muslim strategists are capable of being rational on this level.

However, there is an X factor in this dawning Trump Era, and that is the massive anti-Trump hysteria of the Left, aided and abetted by their pusillanimously PC enablers on the right.  And this irrational hysteria tends, more often than not, to conflate the virtue of opposing Trump with the virtue of "not being bigoted" against Muslims.  In this sociopolitical climate,  I don't see this as significantly altering the "modified Plan A" (unless, of course, the Left and their cowardly conservative enablers devolve into some kind of violent revolution, which would possibly provide Muslims an opportunity to accelerate their timeline).

Indeed, the pressure maintained by this anti-Trump opposition will likely serve to reinforce the latent PC MC in the Trump camp, as well as in the Counter-Jihad Mainstream -- because, as I conjecture, they seem to be limited by a psychological tendency closing their minds to a Zero Tolerance of All Muslims; and whenever data hits them square between the eyes that should wake them up to this Zero Tolerance, they have a curious tendency to redouble their resistance to opening their minds to it.  I.e., deep down inside, they have not yet exorcised their instincts of PC MC.  And, part and parcel with this, as we have seen, whenever the PC MCs and/or Left accuses the pro-Trump camp and/or the Counter-Jihad of  "painting Muslims with a broad brush", the pro-Trumpers and/or the Counter-Jihad Softies -- rather than boldly articulate why the dreaded A word is rational -- instead anxiously hasten to assure everybody that this accusation of criticizing "all Muslims" is baseless.  This, as I said, would be the wedge for the ongoing, deeper cover stealth jihad in the ensuing decades.

All this, if accurate, bodes well for the Muslim strategist who realizes that, given the overwhelming superiority on all levels of the Kuffar nations around them, Muslims cannot suddenly switch to a Plan B, since the kind of comprehensive violence by Muslims generally that would entail would only wake the sleeping Lion, who would put out their lights upon awakening.

Thus, the only real "calamity" a Trump Era augurs for Muslims lies in the possibility that Americans would grow increasingly suspicious of Muslims and would thus concretely hamper their ability to continue to infiltirate in stealth over the coming decades.  If Muslims have been closely studying us, they would realize that even a Trump Era (including its unofficial Counter-Jihad wing) has deep reserves of PC MC with regard to Muslims, which can be exploited in ways similar to the way PC MCs and Leftists can be manipulated through Western White Guilt -- only with subtler and cleverer taqiyya.

In this context, it would behoove Muslims to exercise more self-control and scale down the violence and terror attacks, to continue their deep burrowing into the tissues and organs of our Body Socio-Politic, in order to sow the seeds of an ability in the distant future -- say 50 to 100 years -- to take off their masks and begin large-scale, systemic violence against us in earnest.

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