Friday, May 12, 2017

Counter-Jihad Nougat: "Mmmmmm, Mainstreamy..."
In my last essay, Tough nougat, I noted how a long-time Jihad Watch reader and commenter thinks the problem of Islam is, sure, a bad thing (that's the "tough" part), but ultimately it seems clear he thinks it will plateau -- or already has plateaued, or is essentially a stable phenomenon: another "New Normal" (the sweet nuts & nougat under the soberly no-nonsense Counter-Jihad analysis).  I.e., he doesn't think the problem of Muslims pursuing their goal of Islam is a systemic, metastasizing problem that will destroy us unless we do something about it.

Before I even took my first sip of coffee this morning, I saw that Robert Spencer apparently agrees with that reader.  Editorializing breezily on a Jihad Watch report titled "UK: Muslim mother and daughter in court for jihad knife attack plot", Robert Spencer wrote:

The UK continues to treat each of these jihad attacks and plots as if they were separate and discrete incidents of criminal activity. British officials, like officials all over the West, never address the root causes — and so they will be dealing with jihad activity for generations to come.

The bolded part indicates that, in Spencer's estimation apparently, this is "As Bad As It Gets" with Islam in the West.  Basically a New Normal that will be really, really bad, sure, but not so bad that we have to worry it would ever actually, you know, destroy our societies.

Wow, I wish I were as sanguine as the Counter-Jihad Mainstream is about this problem!  I could sleep better at night and enjoy our Fukuyama Future without the shadow of our civilization's death brooding over my shoulder...  No wonder Spencer is smiling all the time in photographs.

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