Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tough nougat

Tough and maybe not so sweet, but still chewy and, more importantly, far rosier than he thinks.

I refer to a Jihad Watch commenter who's been writing comments there for years as far as I can tell, one "John A. Marre" (if that's not his real name -- and why on Earth would he put his full real name in? -- kudos for having an authentic ring).

Here's what he wrote in a recent comments field attached to a recent report by Pam Geller for Jihad Watch on a fatal shooting by Muslims of a Delaware state trooper and subsequent shooting standoff with cops ("Delaware State Trooper shot to death by Muslims reciting the Qur'an"):


It’s not possible to be optimistic about the future. The future will be a constant series of murders by Muslims, who then get to be sanitized into lone wolves, domestic terrorists, workplace shooters and random attackers.

The current president isn’t doing anything about it.
The entire media and democrat party is actually on the side of the Muslims, protecting them every step of the way, and not caring one bit about the innocent people murdered by the Muslims.


The bold emphasis is mine, because to me, that's the most important part of the comment.  It sounds tough and bleak, doesn't it?  I maintain that it's actually, comparatively, a rosy outlook on the future.  Comparatively -- compared with what a mountain of data and an ocean of dots screaming to be connected indicate about three things: 1) what Muslims intend to do; 2) what they are capable of; and 3) how comprehensively naive the entire West is about #1 and #2.

Now, to be sure, I'd have to sit down (literally or figuratively) with John A. Marre and ask him some follow-up questions.  But from what he said (and he had a chance to clarify when he wrote that comment), it sounds like he thinks our future is just one of "more killings" from Muslims.  No indication from his gritty description of anything either systemic about this future violence, nor anything metastatic.  Indeed, his emphasis on it being "constant" literally precludes metastasis.  I mean, our future, the future of any Western nation, is one of "more killing" by various criminals and psychopaths; and while some people may lament that our brave new world is going to the dogs compared to the "good old days", most people just kind of accept this grudgingly, and with as much distraction as possible from dwelling on it, as the New (or the Ongoing) Normal.

Nothing John A. Marre said about Muslims would lead anyone to think the future problems of violence with Muslims is going to be anything radically, game-changingly, different.  Just one more messy, horrid problem to add to our plate of the New Normal of our dizzyingly, digitally accelerating Future.  A Western Future apparently not essentially different from the ultimately optimistic future Fukuyama predicted pre-911 as the world was fast approaching the looming "Y2K" with almost comical concern.  Sure, a post-911 Fukuyama Future will have the added problem of the odd exploding Muslim here and there as we're trying to get from point A (the Starbuck's) to point B (Whole Foods) to point C (picking up our kid from soccer practice) to point D (a consultation with an Apple tech guy at the shopping mall) to point E (our dental checkup with our nice friendly Iranian Muslim hygienist)...  But the odd exploding Muslim here and there (or the odd stabbing Muslim, or shooting Muslim, or Muslim ramming his vehicle into random crowds) while of course a horrible nuisance, will just be in the long view a hiccup of a New Normal on our bumpy ride on the Exciting Superhighway of our Future.

The John A. Marres of the Counter-Jihad Mainstream have not, apparently, thought of how those three factors I noted above --

1) what Muslims intend to do; 2) what they are capable of; and 3) how comprehensively naive the entire West is about #1 and #2

-- could be horribly, dreadfully, catastrophically Abnormal -- in the sense of your stomach sinking with clammy dread as you contemplate the end of Western Civilization as we know it.

Indeed, I never get the sense that any Jihad Watchers view it this way (other than those who transmogrify the problem from one of Islam into one of the "Real Problem" of some nefarious cabal of Dastardly Leftists or those few who envision a non-Denominational Christian Eschaton right around the corner to mop up Muslims).

How, my reader may ask, are Muslims going to end Western Civilization as we know it?  An answer to that question requires two things:  1) a familiarity with the aforementioned mountain of data and ocean of dots-to-be-connected; and 2) some reasonable, open-minded imagination.

Every which way but loose, over the years on this blog of mine and in several other places online, I have answered that question a thousand times.  The simplex answer for now is this:

Over the coming eight decades of this 21st century, it's going to get horribly worse, because Muslims ultimately intend our destruction, because their religiously scripted fanaticism is unimaginably (for our Western culture) obsessive & determined -- crucially augmented by taqiyya deception to confuse us into thinking "they're not all doing that" -- and because, tragicomically, we (including even most of those in the budding Counter-Jihad) are that naive, that we will continue to let them deceive us as we continue to allow (most of) the ones here to remain, and continue to allow innumerable numbers of them into our society (but only the "secular" ones + the ones who seem nice enough to be able to become "secular" ).

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