Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A brief word on what I don't report or analyze...

First of all, it would be humanly impossible for any blogger to report the totality of the pathologies pullulating out of the Muslim world (a world increasingly encroaching upon our own).

Secondly, some blogs, by their very nature and mission, are more -- or less -- inclusive.  This applies even if they all share the same theme -- say, "the counter-jihad", for my blog and Logan's Warning, Jihad Watch, Gates of Vienna, 1389 Blog--Counterjihad, etc.

The Hesperado (the blog you're reading right now, in case you didn't notice) is meant to deal with the problem of Islam and related issues, but it's not meant to be exhaustive; nor do I care, most of the time, to resound with emergent news stories of the day -- such as, for example, the car crash heard around the world (only because it was a non-Muslim white guy driving) in Charlottesville the other day.  There have been many big news stories, some shocking, which my blog has utterly ignored (or only mentioned in passing later) -- even when some of these could be said to be related, directly or indirectly, to the problem of Islam (as is the Charlottesville crash).

I've sometimes thought I should at least write a relatively brief post when such events occur, just at least to acknowledge their existence; but then I realize it's not necessary, since my main point on this blog is to offer deeper analyses of the problem which tend to transcend the time and place of the news event.

That said, the absence of such news stories (e.g., about Charlottesville) on a blog like Jihad Watch is more noticeable, since Jihad Watch, much more than my blog, has the feel of a ticker-tape news source, reeling off multiple stories every day, usually current.  When Robert Spencer, owner of Jihad Watch, chooses to ignore Charlottesville, one must conclude he feels it is not related directly enough to the problem of Islam.  This however is a subjective call, of course; many would disagree -- including me: the phenomenon of an increasing presence of Antifa in America, and Antifa's obvious antagonism against "Islamophobia" -- joined (so they think) at the hip to the "fascism" and the racism and neo-Nazism they also oppose -- makes Charlottesville rather directly related to the problem of Islam.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to spend time delving into it; since there are literally thousands of other episodes & events over the years also significant and relevant (to the problem of Islam) which, nevertheless, I have seen fit to ignore here.

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