Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back to the drawing board...

A note before I start.  I've done an unprecedented thing here:  After laboriously constructing and publishing one of my typically long and detailed essays ("Paradigm unshifted"), I have seen fit to delete the whole thing and put up something briefer and simpler.

No worries for those who actually want to wade through the verbiage of the post I had up:  I relocated it at my companion blog, Resource for the Hesperado.

One major reason I did this was because I've gone over this ground many times before; and as I was reviewing one of the many essays I've already written about this subject (of how the Counter-Jihad Mainstream continues to fail to go through a much needed paradigm shift), I realized that essay (not to mention a few others) captures best what I was trying to say.  So I would direct my readers to take a look-see (and maybe also even read!) that essay:  Paradigm Inertia.

What those previous essays lack, of course, are the specifics relating to Baron Bodissey's recent essay on the same theme, which aroused me to rehash the same ground again, since Baron was demonstrating another instance (I see them almost daily in the Counter-Jihad Mainstream) of this paradigm inertia.

What was Baron Bodissey's particular brand of this all-too common paradigm inertia?

It revealed itself in the context of Baron complaining about a recent definition of "Islamophobia" by an arm of that massively influential bastion of Politically Correct Multiculturalism, the EU:

“Islamophobia is a certain perception of Muslims, which may be expressed as hatred toward Muslims. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of Islamophobia are directed toward Muslim or non-Muslim individuals and/or their property, toward Muslim community institutions and religious facilities”

Baron's response to this was that the definition is worthless because it doesn't mention Islam once.  My response to Baron is that his response is worthless, because he still doesn't get that Muslims put the problem of Islam into practice, and without Muslims, there is no problem of Islam.  And furthermore, the Western Mainstream, for all its PC MC neurosis, seems to get that logical connection between Islam and Muslims better than Baron and the rest of the Counter-Jihad Mainstream.

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Hesperado said...

Readers should also note that the old essay ("Paradigm Inertia") that I link in this one has quite a few comments from an unhinged veteran of Jihad Watch comments (as well as an alleged "student" of his) whom I mention in the essay itself (along with his various veteran supporters at Jihad Watch comments) -- and a few responses by me (back in the days when I hadn't wearied of the mad hatter rabbit hole tactics of such defenders of Muslims).