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I'd never heard of this word before I read the article about the 14th century Orthodox theologian and archbishop (not to mention saint) Gregory Palamas that formed the basis of my essay I posted here over a year ago, Speaking Truth to Jihad.  It means a disordered, excessive lust by a man for other men (and/or boys).

Here's the relevant information:

According to historian G. Georgiades Arnakis, the 14th century theologian Nicephoras Gregoras alleged that the Muslims [Turks at the time, 14th century] "among whom sexual perversion was very common, frequently abused [sexually] their Christian captives..." and that they sexually abused the archbishop Gregory Palamas whom they had kidnapped, subjected him to "the most shameless of carnal and conspicuous vices, in a more theatrical manner."

And Arnakis in the same context notes that Palamas himself spoke of "andromania" ("lust for men") as "one of the vices of the Turks."

Source: "Gregory Palamas among the Turks and Documents of His Captivity as Historical Sources", G. Georgiades Arnakis, Speculum, Vol. 26, No. 1 (Jan., 1951), footnote 5, p. 119.

(Note:  Arnakis says that the imputation Gregoras makes about Palamas's captors sexually abusing him "may be untrue" -- but offers no evidence to back up his skepticism.)

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