Saturday, November 25, 2017

Let's talk...

Every process has sequential steps.

Speaking of sequential steps, let's back up this delivery truck.  What "process" are we talking about?  Why, the process of "the Counter-Jihad".  And what is this process of the Counter-Jihad?  The process of it would be its activity -- and, of course, the purpose of this activity.  I propose the daringly controversial claim that the main, if not sole, activity & purpose of the Counter-Jihad (I'd rather call it the A.I.M. -- the Anti-Islam Movement) is to wake up the broader West of which it is a minuscule part.

Wake up the West to what?  To the problem of Islam.  What's the problem of Islam?  And how do we wake up the West?  And what should the West do once it has woken up?  And why isn't the broader West already waking up?  Why does it seem stuck in a surreal mode of whitewashing denial of this problem of Islam?

The questions I have teased out here, which bubble up naturally to the surface when even slightly probing this issue, are precisely what I mean by the title of my posting today -- and they reflect what I was getting at in my first sentence: The process of the Counter-Jihad, to be coherent and effective, must be sequential.  And the first step of that sequence is: We need to talk.

Well, not literally the first step, obviously.  Before we talk, we have to schedule a tea-time when it's convenient, as it were.  And a venue for this Kounter-Jihad Kaffeeklatsch, doncha know.  And what would be the subject matter, the agenda, of this talk?  And who is invited?  And how would this discussion proceed?

As to that penultimate question, it should be an open event, encouraging all Counter-Jihad Civilians to participate.  The mechanics of the process should try to give voice to these Civilians, as prominently, if not more so, than to the Leadership; since the Leadership has enjoyed a virtual monopoly of communication thus far -- with virtually the only competition from the Civilians being in the form of comments submitted into comments threads of various discussion forums (the most vibrant one, perhaps, being the comments threads attached to articles on Jihad Watch), or blogs hardly anybody reads (like, you know, that blog, what's the name of it, by that guy, what's his name... The Desperado or something...).

How it would proceed: a virtual Town Hall seems the ticket, given that we enjoy in these first decades of the 21st century an unprecedented technology for a global Town Hall -- the Internet.  What would be the procedural order of such a global Town Hall?  Well, already we can see that the "first step" would have to be preceded by organizational steps.  Perhaps influential members of the Leadership -- such as Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, David Horowitz, Baron Bodissey, Jamie Glazov, Sam Harris, David Murray, Andrew Bostom, etc. -- could lift their little fingers to begin to galvanize and get this going.  They could advertise it on their venues and politely push for it.  The first "pre-step" would be to propose a rough draft of the event, and solicit ideas about what the Civilians would like.  The second pre-step would be to plan a date to hold the First Ever Global Counter-Jihad Summit.

If only there were a venue on the Internet where people from all over the world already hold live conversations with each other -- simultaneously typing text to each other on the screen in real time, and taking turns to talk on the microphone (and, if they wish, to broadcast video of themselves).  Oh wait, there already exists such a venue:  Paltalk Chat.

[To be continued...]

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