Sunday, November 26, 2017


I've thought a couple of times recently that perhaps Baron Bodissey is more nuanced than the Real-Problemers who seem to constitute most of his readership; but today on his blog, Gates of Vienna (which I have on occasion called the "Gates of Vienna Circle"), he definitively, officially outed himself:

In the title of this post I refer to “multiculturalization” rather than “Islamization”, because Islam is just one of [the] demolition tools chosen by the trans-national elites to deconstruct Western nations and cultures. 

Way to go, Baron, for shifting the spotlight off of Muslims onto the "Real Problem" -- the West.  (One wonders why he continues to call his blog "Gates of Vienna" -- which harks back to the existential threat of Muslims in the 17th century who were stopped from destroying Europe by European armies -- rather than some other title more conducive to his non- or para-Islamic focus.)


Robinson said...

Traitors opened the gates ("of vienna") and brainwashed sheeple keep voting for them. One could argue that many of the Traitors are brainwashed too. Brainwashed traitors brainwashing sheeple both without even knowing it. WOW!

Hesperado said...

Well, I don't deny the existence of traitors, and a degree of "brainwashing" (though not literally -- a distinction lost on the Real Problemers, apparently), and many sheeple. What I find implausible -- not to mention a species of strangely alienated perspective -- is that these three factors are so broadly mainstream and deeply entrenched that they could explain the PC MC that is enabling Muslims to slowly infiltrate until they can destroy our civilization.