Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The search for intelligent life on Planet Jihad Watch


More often than not, it seems, Jihad Watch comments -- a good source to gauge the current state of mind of the Readership (as opposed to the Leadership) of the Counter-Jihad -- is an echo chamber of Robert Spencer sycophancy, salted and peppered with emotional ejaculations of little substance against "them Muzzies" (and, whenever anyone pops in there brave enough to disagree, ripples of lynch-mob deputy policing).  Previous installments in this series weren't quite this bleak, perhaps; but more often than not, Jihad Watch comments fields don't augur well for the still minuscule, but growing (at an excruciatingly glacial snail's pace) Counter-Jihad.

The numerous comments (109) attached to the recent notice of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's encomium for Spencer's latest book were no exception to this generally bleak landscape.  I.e., none of the readers, naturally, seemed to know or care about three disturbing developments with regard to Ayaan:  1) her friendship with -- and thus her lack of appropriate condemnation of -- the pseudo-"Reformer" snake-oil taqiyya artist, Maajid Nawaz, which is one likely reason why she has seemed to adopt the spurious distinction between "Islam" and "Islamism"; 2) her curiously misplaced concern about Vlaams Belang and Geert Wilders being as bad as "Islamists"; and finally, 3) her grandiose dream of Islamic Reform to solve the metastasizing global problem of Islam which Muslims are causing.

So anywho, of those 109 comments by the Civilian Readership of the Counter-Jihad, only one was of worthwhile substance -- short and sweet, written by some commenter I've never seen before there (it's usually the case that the better comments, rare as they are, come from outside the broad, don't-rock-the-boat consensus there (and certainly outside the "Rabbit Pack")).  The one sign of intelligent life was spotted as one "Cheer Bear Girl" who posted the following comment:

Islamophobia is an absolute nonsense term when you have knowledge of Islamic doctrine. Jihad is an essential teaching in Islam. Therefore reforming Islam is impossible.

I hope Cheer Bear Girl knows that Ayaan Hirsi Ali, being hailed all around her by the other 108 comments as the best thing since sliced falafel, has been working hard in various venues to push the ridiculous dream of Islamic Reform.  She's certainly not going to learn that important fact at Jihad Watch, neither by the Leadership nor by the Readership -- particularly as that ludicrous dream has been seriously considered by one of Robert Spencer's important colleagues, Christine Douglass-Williams.  

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