Friday, December 01, 2017

The search for intelligent life on Planet Jihad Watch, cont...

A recent Jihad Watch notice about a French academic who recommends that France create an Islamic state within France in order to avoid civil war triggered an uncommonly large number of comments, 226.

Typically, only one commenter cut through the haze to voice the meat of the matter, one "SavvyKafir".  Alas, in a subsequent comment, he showed signs & symptoms of the asymptotic flu. (Cue the bromides: "Nobody's perfect"; "Perfect is the enemy of useful"; "We need to work together in a Big Tent"; "Don't rock the boat"; etc.  All true -- perhaps the West could put that on its tombstone in 2100, just before Muslims succeed in destroying our civilization...)

You can’t convert those hardcore Allah junkies; but you can deport them.  If you want France to remain a free & civilized society, you MUST deport them.


Prisons aren’t the answer. Mass deportation is the answer, if Europe is going to survive.

So far so good, right? My readers might say, "What's not to like, Hesp? Isn't that what youve been saying?"  Well, pretty much. But then SavvyKafir had to have an asymptotic twitch:

Any Muslim who is not happy living in a secular society where human rights are enforced should be deported.

So SavvyKafir would have us vet Muslims according to which ones are "happy living in a secular society where human rights are enforced"?  How would we determine such "happiness"?  And could not such "happiness" be feigned (cough, cough, taqiyya)...?

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