Saturday, February 03, 2018

Au revoir, Muthasuckas

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After eleven and a half years of writing essays on this blog (one thousand and four hundred and twenty-three, counting this one), I'm hanging up my hat.

This isn't the first time I have seriously contemplated shutting down my blog; it's happened a few times before. I hung on anyway, steeling myself in the pleasant sun & breeze here on the H.M.S. Titanic, rearranging deck chairs while the Mainstream Bands (including the Counter-Jihad) played the exotic dance music of De Nile.

Frankly, I'm surprised I lasted this long.  I'm getting out of Dodge mainly because of my dismay at the West in general, but more acutely at "the Counter-Jihad" for its various & sundry ways of being inept about what one would reasonably think is its chief role -- as an educator of the West about the problem of Islam.  For years I've seen the rhetoric of "the Counter-Jihad" flounder and devolve into an incoherent mélange prevaricating between a problem of Islam and various hybrid mutations like "Islamism" or "Islamist extremism" or "political Islam" or "radical Islam" or "fundamentalist Islam", etc. etc. ad molestiam.

If that isn't bad enough, those stalwart men & women of "the Counter-Jihad" have to add insult to injury by twisting themselves into knots trying to save vast swaths of Muslims from their condemnation, through developing a particle physics taxonomy of Muslims, in order to create strange subspecies which will replace the one that they reject because of its politically correct smell: the Moderate Muslim.  Thus, "the Counter-Jihad" has generated such terms as the Lax Muslims; the secular Muslims; the Muslims Who Don’t Know Their Own Islam; the Muslims Who Are Too Afraid To Come Out of the Secularist Closet; the MINO ("Muslim In Name Only", echoing the RINO, the "Republican In Name Only" or false Conservative); and many more.

It has become clear to me that the Counter-Jihad Mainstream is only different in degree, not in substance, from the broader Western Mainstream's Politically Correct Multi-Culturalist paradigm of a Tiny Minority of Extremists.  The "Tiny" part may be tweaked by the  Counter-Jihad Mainstream, but not radically reassessed.

I'm tired of banging my head against the wall of both Mainstreams and seeing precious little effect or change.  My conclusion, based upon the mountains of data we have (and the oceans of dots screaming for connection), is that if the West does not deport all Muslims from the West, Muslims will succeed in destroying the West eventually -- probably in about 100 years from now (give or take a decade or two).  When I say "destroy" the West I don't necessarily mean "conquer" -- which would presuppose a successful (if horrific & bloody) transition into a new order.  I only mean, at the least, that Mohammedans will succeed in ruining the West -- its social, physical and technological infrastructures -- reducing it to vast zones of civil unrest, marauding gangs of Muslims, killing fields, rampant violence in general, and (needless to say) a breakdown in economies, governance, and basic utilities. It's also become clear to me that the vast majority "in the Counter-Jihad" don't see the problem & danger of Islam this way at all; they have a much more optimistic view of the future (that is, when they're not indulging their Real-Problemer conspiracy theories about their own supposedly evil West).

Anywho, I've said all I can say. I don't know what more I can say.  Many times, I've said the same thing in different ways -- every which way but loose.

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The past 11-1/2 years seems much longer; sometimes it feels like a lifetime has passed. When I began in the summer of 2006, I had come of age in the Post-911 Era, with my first rude aftershock -- the Tube bombing in London a year prior -- under my belt, deepening and sobering my alarm at the problem of Islam, which for a good couple of years I had begun plunging into in terms of autodidactic study.  As the years went along, more horrific bumps in the road jolted me into ever deeper appraisals of the problem -- and of two other problems: the problem of a West strangely persisting in denial about the primary problem (of Islam); and the problem of a "Counter-Jihad" stubbornly stuck in incoherence about what those two problems are exactly, and what its role should be in terms of them.

At any rate, ending a long project grants one a kind of freedom similar to that which one's last day on a job -- or on Earth -- may confer. I've given some thought this last post; should I go out in style, like Jack Paar and Johnny Carson chose to do?  Should I just swing my golf club with a carefree Bob Hope grin and say "Thanks for the memories"...?   Should I redon my black fedora and "retire" like Sinatra in 1970?  Or do a Regis Philbin walk down Memory Lane?

Or not.

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Of course, I'll leave my blog standing.  Consider it an archive of hundreds and hundreds of essays, analyzing from a variety of angles the reason why the West is ultimately doomed -- doomed to allow Mohammedans to despoil its centuries of hard work, genius, and progress.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your work all of these years. Meeting you online was always a pleasure. I mean that.
I gave up on GoV (let alone JW) way earlier than you did, and I marvel at your tenacity.

For what it's worth, I share both your analysis of "Zha Movement" and your recommendations to preserve Western Civ.

Learned a great deal from you along the way and I feel fortunate to have met you.

So long (en vaarwel)

Hesperado said...

Thanks for your kind words, Sag. As I was going back into my archives (thinking I would expand on them one last time, but decided against it) I bumped into a few comments from you from years ago -- always thoughtful comments. I count you as one of my loyal readers, all "17.5" of them, as I used to say tongue-in-cheek. Take care,


Anonymous said...

Take care, Hesperado.
I was always interested in reading your comments whether I agreed with them or not.
Good luck to you.


Nobody said...

Yeah, Hesperado

It's been a long ride. After a while, it just became repetitive

I had given up on JW years ago, and was just following Debbie Schlussel. Although now, she posts once in a blue moon on her website

Just carrying on the conversation on Gab: Twitter was too trigger happy to suspend me, so I just deleted my account there.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, I'll leave my blog standing."

Hahahahaha. Riiiight, sucker!

You'll come back with reams and reams of more bullshit under some other name, and I'll still be here hounding you wherever you go.

What a fucking idiot you are and have been. Now stick to your words and GET LOST, Muthafucka!



Anonymous said...

"I'll still be here hounding you wherever you go."

You really shouldn’t. You have repeatedly made quite an idiot of yourself "hounding" him in the past; why would you want to repeat giving that impression in the future?

I am not really a fan of Hesperado, but it’s impossible not to notice that he is way smarter, quicker and eloquent than you. The unhinged fury and embarrassing crudeness of your “promise” suggests you know it too. Had I never read your exchanges with Hesperado I would have suspected that is the case solely on the base of your last input.

Kind regards,

Thomas Doubting

Hesperado said...

Thanks to Moke, Nobody, and Thomas Doubting for reading my stuff.

gravenimage said...

I've read most of your stuff, and appreciate your contributions, Hesp.