Monday, July 30, 2012

Every Which Way But Anti-Muslim

Re: A report on Jihad Watch of an imam in a mosque during his sermon vociferating for violent jihad and brandishing a gun (i.e., a normal day in Islam), a Jihad Watch reader comments:

"Shouting and yelling and roaring and screaming immoderately, it's how we see crowds are being managed and directed in those parts. Gesturing, posturing, play-acting. Fake spontaneity guided along. "Allahu-Akbar" left, right and centre. The Grand Gesture to impress impressionable minds. Mr Ordinary in the beginning who to his embarrassment discovers himself standing out from the crowd is a moment of brief entertainment." 

That Jihad Watch reader is superimposing Western sensibilities on Muslim psychology/sociology. He has not a shred of evidence upon which to base his superimposition; except, perhaps, a dash of wishful thinking, and the force of suppressed subliminal dread and anxiety, lest the thought that Muslims actually are, en masse and individually (if one can even speak of "individuality" when speaking of Muslims), inherently and thoroughly and uniquely fanatical.

I've noticed this particular meme creep its way into the Counter-Jihad, as a way perhaps to cope with the horror, the full catastrophe that is Muslims and their Islam -- the meme, I mean, of positing that most Muslims, when they are not "ignorant of their own Islam", are more or less passive victims of the strong-arming psychosocial pressures from a tiny minority of fanatical rabble-rousers and imams.

There is not a shred of evidence for such a meme -- there is only anxious wishful thinking + the impulsive reflex to trigger the unreflective axiom in one's mind that "Hey, Muslims are human, too; so they can't possibly be as massively and uniquely fanatical, hateful and murderous as they seem -- at least not one billion of them spread out all over the world...! It can't be!" And so, one anxiously infers, it therefore isn't.

It's just one more way for those who've timidly ventured their big toe into the Counter-Jihad to eat their cake of avoiding the condemnation of Muslims (beyond an ethically tolerable minimum, that is, short of the dreaded All word) as they still have their cake of patting their no-nonsense selves on the Anti-Islam back.

Every which way but anti-Muslim.

In fact, the opposite meme is a more grimly reasonable and persuasive inference to make, given the mountains and mountains of indicative data we rest on here, on July 30, 2012, atop Mt. Jihad Watch (are JW readers really actually reading all this grotesquely horrific shit day in and day out? or are they somehow screening out or softening its full terrible impact with perhaps a residue of the PC MC filter in their minds? one wonders...), along with the oceans of dots crashing their criss-crossing waves against this mountain's lower slopes; a million dots that positively scream for connection by anyone with half a brain.

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