Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jihad Watch still incoherent about "Stealth Jihad"

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer's chief editor and commentator Marisol, as part of her interlinear commentary to a story about German Chancellor Merker's criticism of multiculturalism, wrote this breathtakingly preposterous -- but alas, commonly held --

If there were never another terrorist attack in Europe, the Islamization of the continent and its implications for human rights would still be an issue.

This sentence nicely crystallizes the bizarre disconnect so many people in the still inchoate anti-Islam movement hold in their heads between stealth jihad and violent jihad.

I have written at length detailed analyses about why such a disconnect is not only incoherent, but inimical to our anti-Islam cause:

The problem of Stealth Jihad in a nutshell

Clarifying "stealth jihad"

Stealth Jihad Watch

Significantly, from over 100 comments to that article by various Jihad Watch readers to date, not a single one caught this (and it's not because they are going off topic).

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