Friday, June 15, 2012

"I saw the certified copy of the long form POTUS birth certificate today, [and I] felt the raised seal..."

Ever since April 27, 2011, questions have been growing: that was the day when NBC reporter Savannah Guthrie was blessed by the POTUS to experience for herself what few in history -- other than the Doubting Apostle Thomas and the unnamed lady in the Gospel of Mark 5:25-34 -- have been privileged to undergo:  her fingertips passed over the raised seal on the long form birth certificate and she felt the frisson of its reality.  

And she testified that it had come to pass. And for most in the mainstream who defend Obiblical Inerrancy, that's simply that.

For those who still have an open mind and a curiosity about the facts, however, it's not simply that.  

And for those, like me, still unfamiliar with most of the details, and who feel it daunting to wade into the deep end of all the various essays and interviews surrounding the "Eligibility Issue" (denigrated tendentiously by the mainstream as the crotchet of "Birthers"), the following radio interview on Peter Boyle's podcast radio show with Diana West is an excellent introduction.

It's a long interview and -- being radio -- is punctuated now and then with interruptions and announcements; but if the listener has patience to take in the whole conversation, he will come away with a better sense of an overview of the whole strange affair.

If the listener wants then to go a little deeper into the subject, another interview with Diana West by Frank Gaffney will serve him well.

For more in-depth nuts and bolts, see the three articles by Nick Chase published in the American Thinker online magazine:  


-- the first two tackling the issue from a typographical focus, and the latter also including the sociopolitical problem of a collective self-censorship that seems to have fallen like a pall over the mainstream about this most curious issue.

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