Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Declarations of cyber-war against European nations

This past week has seen a couple of curious anti-European exhibitions:  Debbie Schlussel declaring cyber war on Poland, then Robert Spencer on Germany. What's next?  Are we going to see the Gates of Vienna blog take on France?  Or Lawrence Auster declare Italians to be the enemy of the free world?

First, Debbie Schlussel's blog was down for a couple of days, and it turned out that the entire nation of Poland, apparently, was all up in arms at her for her apparent condemnation of the Polish people as complicit with the Nazi extermination of some three million Jews in camps in Poland.  As of today, there are over 550 comments on that thread -- most of them largely insubstantial and emotional, on both sides of the issue.

Following on the heels of that was a rather odd publication by Robert Spencer on Jihad Watch of a rather verbose and evidence-flimsy essay by some guy named "Grim" who basically condemned the German people of today as guilty of essentially the same virulent anti-semitism that animated Nazi Germany.  When many of Spencer's readers began to express their concern about the appropriateness of such an essay, Spencer added an update to the post where he defended the essay on the grounds of his own anecdotal experience from some years ago in some pub in Austria, where some Austrian acquaintances after a few steins of beer apparently expressed a degree of anti-semitism that made Spencer uncomfortable.  He reiterated this preposterously paltry defense in a comment in the burgeoning comments thread, which tipped past 90 -- before the whole essay mysteriously vanished without a trace.

I'm not sure what this all means; except that some of our unofficial Leaders in the anti-Islam movement (such as it is) sometimes seem to get carried away with their opinions,  An official organization, with elected leadership, could help to supply a corrective to such silliness -- not in the form of censorship, mind you, but at least in the form of bringing such opinions out into the fresh air and sunshine of public discussion with we hoi ochloi; or if that's too taxing, a nice round table with the Glazov Gang.

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