Friday, September 12, 2014

"Not all Muslims are bad"

While it’s true that the anxiously impulsive spasm to leap to “but all Muslims aren’t bad” whenever anyone dares to call Islam itself into question is a red herring fallacy (and, alas, all too prevalent throughout the West), it’s not enough for us to react by reminding such an interlocutor that we are not talking about “all Muslims” but rather only about Islam itself.

The reason it’s not enough is that there is in fact a problem of Muslims following their Islam. And this problem is not a nice and tidy problem of a Tiny Minority of Extremists who will forever remain a small number. The problem of Muslims following their Islam has two features which have to be faced by the mainstream (and by the asymptotics within the Counter-Jihad).

The problem is:

1) systemic


2) metastasizing.

By systemic, it means that the problem is not just a “tiny minority” but is much broader. To say it is a broader problem triggers anxiety among PC MCs and asymptotics, causing them to worry that opening up the barrier of the Tiny Minority to consider a broader demographic problem among Muslims around the world is to lead us inexorably to the logical conclusion of “all Muslims”—and from there, of course, to rounding them up, putting them in camps, and genociding them (a natural inevitability, of course, seeing that we Westerners are naturally prone to such a "racist" “backlash”).  And so, the impulse is to shut down this line of thought altogether, to nip the thought crime in the bud, so to speak.

And when I use the locution “the problem of Muslims following their Islam”, the reasonably informed rhetorical questions this should immediately generate in us are the following: “How many Muslims are not following their Islam? And how would we really know that any given Muslims are genuinely not following their Islam rather than trying to deceive us by pretending to be not following their Islam?”

By metastasizing, I mean that the problem (of Muslims following their Islam) is not static; it's getting worse. Indeed, it has been getting worse over the course of the entire 20th century; though, of course, most Westerners have been comfortably oblivious to it until it bit them in the ass on 9/11—and even after that (and hundreds of other atrocities in the years since then) most Westerners remain clueless.
So no, we should not evade the PC MC accusation about us supposedly saying (or implying) that “all Muslims are bad” by refusing to talk about the problem of Muslims. That would be to play the PC MC game by PC MC rules.

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