Monday, June 08, 2015

The Race Card

As I have been insisting for years, the crucial cornerstone of the entire PC MC paradigm is anti-"racism" (to be distinguished from anti-racism without the quote marks, which would be the enlightened and reasonable opposition to actual racism, as opposed to the trumped-up "racism" of the anxiously self-hating white Westerner forever trying to expiate his White Guilt).

And, since the PC MC paradigm is dominant and mainstream throughout the entire West in every cultural institution—including news media, academe, politics, business, popular culture, and arts & entertainment—and since this mainstream dominance explains why the West continues to remain industriously myopic to the problem & danger of Islam, and since Islam has a mandate to try to destroy all free societies that refuse to submit to Allah and His Prophet Muhammad, a simple doing of the math results in the conclusion that the race issue should be the primary focus of the Counter-Jihad (someday to become the A.I.M.—the Anti-Islam Movement) in the various "battle spaces" (as Frank Gaffney has aptly put it) of the war of ideas theater of this asymmetrical war we are in.

And, since this particular theater—viz., as I just got through saying, the war of ideas theater—remains the most important theater of this asymmetrical war, one would think it would behoove the Counter-Jihad to get cracking on what should be its primary focus, which, as I just got through saying, is the Race Card so effectively played by the Islamopologists and their Useful Idiots in the PC MC West.  The Counter-Jihad, alas, in this matter, remains remiss, foundering in its disorganized, seat-of-the-pants situation of Too Much Information.

In this regard, I note an inadequacy in the latest analysis of the problem of Islam written by the otherwise quite astute Daniel Greenfield (and published on Jihad Watch).  Here is my analytical critique of Greenfield's analysis:

Greenfield rightly points out the zones of race and religion as allowing ample fodder for Islamopologists to exploit in their defense of Islam (and, let us not forget, of Muslims) from all substantive criticism (let alone the condemnation it, and they (Muslims) so richly deserve).

However, it seems Greenfield is not recognizing the essential nexus between race and religion in the rhetorical strategy of the Islamopologists—and in its reception by our PC MC-compromised West.  Greenfield seems to discuss the religion aspect as though it were detachable; as though it did not need the race aspect; as though the race aspect were not, indeed, primary in the memetic mechanism of PC MC.

I.e., the exploitation of the religion meme would not work—at least not anywhere near enjoying the success Muslims have enjoyed in this regard—without joining it at the hip to the race meme (aka, “the race card”).

That leads me to the second seeming lacuna in Greenfield’s analysis: the receiving end of our PC MC West, which is a dominant and mainstream reception, literally with open arms, of Muslims and their Islam. I.e., all the tactics deployed as craftily and cleverly as can be from the Islamopologists would not work, would not gain any traction, were there not such an overwhelmingly receptive society as the West has become under its currently fashionable politically correct multi-culturalist Weltanschauung.

Thirdly, this most crucial factor in the Islamopologist arsenal, the race card—which, again, would not be effective were the West not predisposed to embrace it, stroke it, water it lovingly like luxuriant houseplants and provide it copiously nutritional soil to grow—is not sheer fantasy with no factual basis. The Counter-Jihad seems to convey through its rhetoric in response the odd notion that implies that Muslims are all race-neutral and color-neutral, and that ethnicity is utterly irrelevant to their cultural and historical makeup. This is patently erroneous. Just go to Google Images and type in “Islam” or “Muslims” (or, more creatively, “Mohammed cartoons” or “Salman Rushdie fatwa” or “Muslim riots” etc. etc. ad Islamonauseam), and the vast majority of Muslims that come up are non-white—where white is defined mainly, though not solely, as it appears to the PC MC eye (the fastidiously clinical assertion that Arabs are technically "white" is not only irrelevant to the ideological reality of racialized rhetoric in the PC MC, exploited by Islamopologists, but can be positively obfuscatory).

Of course, there exist white Muslims—both in the form of the sociopathic white Westerners who have converted in recent decades, as well as historically certain people who ethnically are arguably white (certain southeastern Europeans, Slavs, Albanians, some Turkic peoples, and some central Asiatics)—all a result of whites in history converting to Islam in the only two ways all Muslims have ever converted throughout history from the 7th century forward: 1) joining Islam because it was attractive to their already extant psychopathic disease; 2) converting out of the horrendous duress imposed upon them by the vile, pernicious cruelty of Islamic rule and/or violent threats. Most from #2, and all from #1, historically came to become True Believers who, in their thoroughgoing Stockholm Syndrome brainwashing, joined the Borg of the Islamic Umma against the rest of Mankind.

Which brings us to the main reason why Islam is overwhelmingly an ethnic (which, if you are not a brain-dead PC MC or an anxious asymptotic, = non-white) super-culture, whose demographics are overwhelmingly a Third Worldwide tapestry, mosaic, stir-fry, quilt, smelting pot of non-white peoples: because

1) historically, Islam’s supremacist imperialism expanded mostly through areas which in modern times have become collectively known as “Third World”; and

2) for most of its historical career—for 1,300 years from the 7th century forward—Islam and its Muslims were wisely deemed a hostile alien foreign culture and were kept out of the (white) West by and large (with tiny exceptions that prove the rule)—a wisdom which the West has disastrously been reversing since the mid-20th century, and only exponentially increasing this disastrous error with each passing decade, irrationally and perversely accelerating it after 911 and with every Muslim atrocity that comes on the world’s radar since then.

So, when the PC MC anxiously wrings its hands at criticism of Islam, and connects it to race, and from there connects it to a bigotry against Brown People, they are not pulling this out of thin air. When the PC MCs look out at Islam (which means at Muslims), they see a sea of “Brown People”—and this in turn immediately triggers semi-consciously all their hot buttons of White Guilt that have in the meantime culturally become fused with a protection of Islam and Muslims. When Counter-Jihad spokesmen then, at that point, suddenly insist that this has nothing to do with race, this causes an immediate disconnect in the communication between the two camps—the PC MC mainstream and the Counter-Jihad—every time that a representative of each camp talks to the other about this issue.

In this regard, each side, every time a discussion on Islam takes place, is persisting in indulging an erroneous point:

The PC MC representative insists on protecting Muslims because they are Brown People and because the West is White and thus (in the PC MC mind) ever ready to inflict bigotry, racism, and hatred upon Muslims, which will lead to lynch mobs, backlash, rounding up Muslims and putting them in camps, then trying to exterminate them.

Meanwhile, the Counter-Jihad representative keeps insisting on a See-No-Race position, when what he should be doing is go on the offensive to refute and deconstruct the PC MC error of erecting a defense of an indefensible culture mainly on the basis of race. Every time the Counter-Jihad insists that “Islam is not a race” they are putting off a discussion and a refutation of a meme that is not going to go away by merely pretending it doesn’t exist.

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Egghead said...

Excellent essay. Your last two paragraphs are so accurate.

Here are a few more important points:

1. As communists/Marxists prefer, discussion of PC MC and counter-jihad ideas is held on an emotional rather than intellectual plane.

A. Islamophobia refers to fear, and fear is an emotion.

B. As fully intended and encouraged by communist/Marxist propaganda, intermarriage of white and brown peoples GREATLY complicates the discussion because 1) whites literally CANNOT criticize brown peoples and/or Muslims for fear of offending or losing family members, but more so the impetus is to defend and laud brown family members whether deserving or not, 2) mixed race children ALWAYS self-identify as brown peoples, and 3) Western governments identify and significantly financially reward mixed race children who identify as brown peoples.

Egghead said...

2. The term 'politically correct' is an invention of communism/Marxism - which itself appears to have been invented and largely implemented by racial and/or religious Jews over a LONG period of time.

3. The greatest taboo is to publicly question the obviously outsized role of racial and/or religious Jews in the increasingly successful overthrow of Western civilization by communism/Marxism.

4. The 'politically correct' line is that racial and/or religious Jews act on behalf of (largely and conveniently undefined) 'Judeo-Christian' values and goals - whereas racial and/or religious Jewish values and thus goals are often diametrically and demonstrably opposed to Christian values and goals (in the same way that brown Christian values and goals are often diametrically and demonstrably opposed to white Christian values and goals). And, hating reality is irrelevant to reality being reality.

Egghead said...

I just read Greenfield's essay, and my thought is that 'It takes one to know one.'

Indeed, all of Greenfield's points about Islam and Muslims were first and most effectively employed by Judaism and Jews who label and reflexively prosecute ALL critics (including Jewish critics) as anti-Semites and who readily employ economic, legal, and cultural terrorism against Western Christian societies - economic, legal, and cultural terrorism which 1) leads to real violent conflicts and wars that maim and murder real white Christians - with the rather obvious plan being to forcibly draft and murder young white women in future 'manufactured' conflicts because severely traumatized, brutally tortured, and/or dead white women CANNOT bear and raise white babies, and 2) leads to real disenfranchisement of white Christians and Christianity in the West - specifically via illegal and immoral mass importation and funding of brown communists and Muslims (and their anti-white anti-Christian values) imposed upon white Western Christian countries by vastly-statistically-over-represented Jewish legislative, judicial, business, academic and media leaders (via incentive, bribe, blackmail, threat, and/or blatant anti-white anti-Christian propaganda).

I generally speak of racial and/or religious Jews when discussing Jewish actions because Jews shift back and forth between claiming to be Jews or whites (race), Jews or atheists (religion), Jews or communists/Marxists (culture). However, whatever the convenient changing-to-suit-the-situation self-label, racial and/or religious Jews obviously act for the preferment of racial and/or religious Jews OVER white Christians in the West. The fact that racial and/or religious Jews 1) contribute some significant amount of past and present good to the West (which racial and/or religious Jews are simultaneously busy rapidly 'deconstructing'), or 2) have been, are, or might be a) profoundly self-destructive, or b) ultimately unsuccessful in overthrowing the white Christian West, does NOT negate the reality that coordinated and conscious racial and/or religious Jewish actions have profoundly negatively impacted the lives and welfare of white Western Christians and white Western civilization.

Theologically, Judaism and Christianity are as fundamentally incompatible as Islam and Christianity. Both Judaism and Islam are supremacist religions that seek to eliminate competitors and thus target Christianity because that is the religion which might attract and recruit their members. Jews use their brains to control other groups' brawn; Muslims use their own brawn.

A Jew who becomes an atheist STILL carries the self-identity of being a racial and/or cultural Jew. A Muslim who becomes an atheist STILL carries the self-identity of being a cultural Muslim. A brown person who becomes a Christian STILL carries the self-identity of being a brown person. An Asian who becomes a Christian STILL carries the self-identity of being an Asian.

Did you know that Chinese Christians devoutly pray that white Western Christians will face persecution and thus draw closer to God? So, while white Christians are praying for Chinese Christians to escape persecution, Chinese Christians pray for white Christians to experience persecution! With 'friends' like that, who needs enemies?!

As is obvious to all thinking Christians and non-Christians, should white Western Christians fall under persecution, white Western Christians would no longer be able to financially, culturally, and spiritually support non-white Christians who face persecution - with the persecution of white Western Christianity gravely wounding ALL of Christianity and also the Western civilization designed and built by white Christians.

Egghead said...

Read me: