Friday, October 23, 2015

Time for another "Smiling Faces" update...
It's been nearly four months since my last update ("Just another smiling face") on my series from over a year ago -- "Smiling Faces" -- basically a gallery of photos showing certain Muslims smiling and looking affably personable, who also happen to be terrorist haters.

Today's updates include:

Nader Saadeh, a Muslim from Jordan who joined the grotesquely evil Islamic movement ISIS:

As well as a pair of evil newlyweds: Jaelyn Delshaun Young, a 19-year-old American from Mississippi, daughter of a police officer, chemistry major at Mississippi State University and honors student from Warren Central High School  in Vicksburg, Mississippi, who married Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, a 22-year-old Muslim who recently graduated from the same university and also is an American citizen (his father is Oda H. Dakhlalla, imam of the Islamic Center of Mississippi in Starkville and originally, as a native of Bethlehem, a so-called "Palestinian") -- both arrested this summer for trying to travel to Syria to join and help the grotesquely evil Islamic movement ISIS.  Jaelyn was also quoted expressing her desire to give birth to future ISIS warriors: She also expressed a desire to “raise little Dawlah cubs.”… -- Dawlah being the Arabic for "State" -- and indeed, officials claim she masterminded the strategy of pretending to be on honeymoon in order to go to Turkey and thence to Syria, and that on social media sites she expressed happiness at the Chattanooga shooting in which five U.S. servicemen were massacred by a Muslim.

Jaelyn Young

Also, there's 18-year-old Shorouq Dwayyat, a resident of East Jerusalem’s Tsur Baher neighborhood and a student at Bethlehem University, who in early October of this year stabbed a Jew in the back -- who forthwith shot her in self-defense, after which she was whisked away to a hospital by Jewish emergency medical personnel to try to save her life.  Hours before her murderous attack, she had written of her desire to become a shaheed (the Islamic term for suicidal homicide to appease their bloodthirsty god, Allah).

Shorouq Dwayyat


Nobody said...

Hey, Hesp

It's been a while!!!

One observation about this general trend of people converting to Islam and trying to join ISIS in Syria: why stop them? I'm all for letting them leave. Just do one thing - note the people who have left, and then flag their passports so that they don't get to return to the US after they land in Turkey or Syria. The same thing that was done to Ed Snowden - which left him stranded in Moscow - can be done for these 'American' Jihadis, so that they can go to Raqqa or Ramadi and meet their however many virgins.

As for an American chick marrying a Muzzie, simple explanation: since nobody has the cajones to explain to them that Islam is an evil religion, there is no difference to the public at large b/w someone like, say, Ivanka Trump converting to Judaism after marriage vs this ditz converting to Islam after marriage. After all, Islam is a great religion like every other, so what could possibly go wrong?

Hesperado said...

Hey Nobody -- nice to see you again! You're right of course on both accounts. Your prescription for ISIS flockers is wholly reasonable, but the PC MC anxiety about not alienating their resident Muslims prevents them from seeing it. Overall, though, I consider ISIS to be a potential distraction from the larger problem of Islam, for ISIS has a tendency to reinforce the TMOE meme which, on the flip side, by way of contrast makes the non-ISIS Muslims seem less problematic (or not problematic at all, depending on your degree of PC MC). On a more microcosmic level, it's the same phenomenon we see when Anjem Choudhery is on stage with a Muslim "Reformer" like Maajid Nawaz: Choudhery's blatant antics make Maajid seem more "moderate" than he is (or make him seem "moderate" at all, even though he's not).

I.e., the Bad Cops help the Good Cops infiltrate more effectively.

Nobody said...

I'd argue that ISIS tends to undermine the TMOE argument. If ISIS were indeed a TMOE, we wouldn't see them so quickly build up not just its domination of Eastern Syria and Western Iraq, but also the endorsement of it by Jihadi groups all over the world - from Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines to Boko Haram in Nigeria. The simple explanation of the reason for ISIS' success is:

1. Sunni Arabs of both Syria and Iraq endorse ISIS as their leader, and have flocked to them. The only mainstream Islamic opposition to them has been on the grounds that they are not Arabic Arabs (i.e. not from the Arabian peninsula). But then, neither were the Ottoman Turks, or some of the latter caliphs.

2. Jihadi movements worldwide like Boko Haram or others recognize ISIS as the caliphate. That is pretty legitimate for anybody claiming to be a caliphate. In medieval times, that was also a part of the caliphate legitimacy. There was a Caliph in whatever was the center of the caliphate at the time, be it Raqqa, Baghdad or Istanbul; Muslim leaders elsewhere in the world would get their recognitions from them, the same way that the UN today recognizes governments in all countries. But there was no special Caliphate bureaucracy that organized all that: they operated about much the same way that ISIS does. So ISIS claims to be a caliphate is pretty accurate as far as simulation of history goes. Jihadi groups elsewhere recognize them in the same way that Islamic rulers in medieval times paid homage to, and got recognized by, the Caliph.

But yeah, you are right. People tend to conflate all Islamic misbehavior w/ ISIS, never mind the fact that those same tendencies are taking place w/ non-ISIS elements, such as the Muzzies who are stabbing Israelis, and plenty of others.

Anonymous said...

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Hesperado said...


"I'd argue that ISIS tends to undermine the TMOE argument. If ISIS were indeed a TMOE, we wouldn't see them so quickly build up not just its domination of Eastern Syria and Western Iraq, but also the endorsement of it by Jihadi groups all over the world..."

Well, you and I can see it, but I'm thinking of the PC MC perspective, which operates under deep denial, and as long as they can see a putative majority of Muslims not joining ISIS (and even "fighting against ISIS"), they keep defining ISIS as the TMOE. The point is, as you and I know, it's a metastasizing "Tiny Minority" that in so many ways, including your list and in many other ways, leads the reasonable mind to connect the dots to a systemic problem beyond ISIS, pertaining to Islam at large. But when there's tremendous incentive to perpetuate that denial, the threshold that would lead to discarding the TMOE as a workable concept remains irrationally high.

Hesperado said...

P.S. to my above comment:

And when there are Good Cops (and Better Cops) around to massage the meme of the Vast Majority of Decent Muslims, the PC MCs feel encouraged to reinforce their incentive to distinguish and marginalize any obvious extremists (such as ISIS) and detach them from Most Muslims and from the Islam of Most Muslims -- because to connect them too closely (or even at all) would lead the PC MCs to consider the horrid thought that those billion plus Brown People are beholden to an evil and dangerous ideology -- and to think that would be a thought crime of "bigotry" and "racism", the worst crime to the modern white Western PC MC.