Thursday, November 19, 2015

Three problems for the price of one

1.  The Problem:  1.3 billion Muslims around the globe, and increasingly in the West, are either killing us in the name of an alarmingly systemic, metastasizing, trans-national paramilitary revival of Islam -- or are lying about it.

2. The Problem of the Problem: The entire Western mainstream -- not only our representatives & spokesmen in Government, News Media, Academe, the Arts, and Business, but also including untold tens of millions of Ordinary People -- persists in a maddeningly surreal Denial of the primary Problem.

3. The Problem of the Problem of the Problem: The Counter-Jihad remains stuck in a holding pattern of social & structural disorganization, irresponsibly indulging an incoherent mishmash of ideas in response to the first two Problems.


The third problem would be tolerable, were there an actual community where one could talk about it -- about all three problems -- with one's fellow human beings concerned about this alarming, protracted global urgency, in ongoing discussions in a spirit of good faith, mutual respect, and robust candor.

For such a community would be the nucleus not only of a growing spearhead of the West waking up, it would also, perforce & simultaneously, be the nucleus of its own growth into organizational and ideological coherence.

I'm still looking for such a community.  Haven't found one yet -- though over the years I've found a few semblances that turned out to be bitter, exhausting disappointments.

In the meantime, I'll keep hitting my head on my desk.


Anonymous said...

Hey, if you keep banging your head on your desk, you'll eventually develop a zabiba - now wouldn't that be a wicked irony?

You say you've snapped, well I've been crumbling. I'll try to post a response on your inspector Dreyfus essay.

Yorick of Snarkinore

Hesperado said...

Call it a "counter-zebiba"...