Monday, December 28, 2015

Not forgetting any time soon

About a month before I "snapped", and after Jihad Watch regular "Angemon" zoomed in to pester me in a comments thread on Jihad Watch this past October, I posted a comment describing the gist of the entire problem of the erstwhile Counter-Jihad community over there:

...Angemon persists in beating his dead horse of thinking I assume mind-reading; when what I am doing is saying that with regard to the problem of Muslims, neither side — the side that assumes innumerable Muslims are harmless (and that we should formulate policy on the basis of this unquantifiable number), or the side that assumes that no Muslim is harmless — can avoid making an assumption that would have to be based on mind-reading. And because of this dilemma, I say we need to err on the side of caution and proceed as though all Muslims are dangerous. Why Angemon and his friends gravenimage, Mirren, Wellington, et al. want to play Muslim Roulette rather than assume the worst about Muslims as I do, I can’t say for sure; but I suspect it has to do with residues of PC MC in their minds. 

The reader will then want to go to that comments field and scroll up and down to see how Angemon continues to pester me there -- all predicated on his perverse need, ultimately, to protect Muslims.  And, to reiterate for the umpteenth time, it wasn't so much Angemon (and before him, Phillip Jihadski) that ruined my ability to profit from (and in some small way to return the favor) that erstwhile community; it was the failure of others there to have my back during any one or more of the hundred plus times over the years when Angemon and Phillip Jihadski attacked me for my tougher stance on Muslims, that finally, belatedly -- with searingly acute verve, after Paris -- proved to be the proverbial straw that broke this camel's back.


Egghead said...

Happy New Year, Hesp!

Jeff Foxworthy has a clue:

Egghead said...

The censors are back! It is forbidden to criticize Jewish policies that lead to Christian genocide.

Here is the Jewish meme:

Western Christians MUST embrace the Muslim invasion imposed by Jews who fully intend to flee - while loudly condemning Christians for 1) 'forever' anti-Semitism, AND 2) all efforts to deport Muslims from the West - where Jews intend to genocide Christians via Muslim migration and jihad - decrying any Christian recognition of their impending genocide as being anti-Semitism instead of self-defense.

Read it ALL and weep: