Thursday, July 07, 2016

An Invitation to My Readers: Let's talk... at Paltalk Chat

I've written about Paltalk chat before.  I have mixed feelings about the venue -- sometimes the people there can be infuriatingly stupid and/or annoying; but other times it can become quite intellectually stimulating.  As with anything in human life, it all depends on the quality of the people involved.

I have had the sense for years that the Counter-Jihad desperately needs to have a place where conversations can be had -- actually conversations in real time, with real voices, not just typing on a screen.

Paltalk offers the opportunity for any number of people to congregate in a chat room, and to take turns getting up on the mic to speak and be heard by the rest of the room. 

So I invite my readers to come over to Paltalk chat.  Just try it out.  You can just come to the room and sit and watch if you like, or (I hope) you can be so bold as to participate in the conversation. 

All you need to do is download it.  It works best with Firefox, but Internet Explorer also supports it, and itunes has an app for it.

Once you download it, you create a user name for yourself and a password.  Then you can browse all the rooms that are available. 

My room (when it's open) is called -- Free Speech Fire Sale (in the "Religions & Spirituality" section, sub-section "Christianity").  My nickname there is "C Major".    If the room is not open, you may find me in a room called "Uncensored Religion Debate".

Hope to see you!

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