Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Poll Vault

Andrew Bostom reports the results of a recent poll of the American public, measuring their concern about Sharia law.  Most notably, the poll found that:


“Do you believe that the United States government should screen, or actively identify individuals entering the United States who support Sharia law?”   

Seventy-one percent affirmed, “Yes, supporters of Sharia should be identified before they are admitted into the US.”

As a follow-up, the group answering “yes,” was asked, “Once identified, do you believe that individuals who support the practice of Sharia law should be admitted into the United States?”  

Eighty percent responded, “No, supporters of Sharia should not be admitted into the US.” 


To which I say, great.  Now, how about another follow-up question:

“If Muslims entering the country as immigrants or as visitors tell us they don't support Sharia law, should we believe them?  If so, why?”

And hey, let's throw in another:

“What about Muslims already in the country, as residents and as citizens (both naturalized and born in the U.S.)?  Should we deport them if they support Sharia?  If not, why not?  What makes Muslim citizens magically delicious and different from their non-citizen co-religionists?”

And, of course, the follow-up:

“If Muslims already in the country, as residents and as citizens (both naturalized and born in the U.S.), tell us they don't support Sharia, should we believe them?  If so, why?”

What's ironic and amusing is that Bostom in his article goes on to explain in detail, using facts about Islamic texts and history, that Sharia is an essential part, if not the very heart, of Islam -- leading to the obvious conclusion that all Muslims, qua followers of Islam (and what Muslims don't follow Islam...?), are supporters of Sharia, including the ones who claim they aren't.


My imaginary questions would be the real poll, exigently needed to impel us forward out of the Box, to vault up and over to a new level.  The Counter-Jihad isn't ready to ask these questions, however, nor to "go there" where their logical conclusion leads.  Instead, it's stuck behind the finish line, dithering in incoherence, patting itself on the back for being oh so robust and no-nonsense about the problem of Islam -- but refusing to face the problem of Muslims.

If the Counter-Jihad isn't ready, how do we expect the broader Mainstream to progress along the learning curve on the horrifyingly metastasizing problem of Islam...?


Egghead said...

Oh the insanity:

Hesperado said...

For once, Jihad Watch readers are showing signs of intelligence and pushing further than their Fearless Leader Spencer, who frames the whole issue of that rape as "Leftist politician raped by Muslim migrants, lied to police about it to avoid encouraging racism".

Several of Spencer's readers, however, noted the name of this "German" woman:

"...Selin Gören is a Turkish Muslim by background, so in blaming non-Muslim Germans for the crime she was in fact taking one for the team, and engaging in Jihad."

Spencer is so fixated on "Leftism" it even obscures his vision for stealth jihad by a Muslim.