Friday, July 08, 2016

The Dallas razzia?

1) American blacks don't engage in guerrilla style commando operations as happened in Dallas.  But we know Muslims do, across the globe and increasingly in the West and in the U.S.A. -- and we know that their Islam is a blueprint and motivation for guerilla violence in order to make Islam supreme (with the mainstream Islamic terrorist group du jour, ISIS, threatening regularly to step up attacks against us).

2) And we know that Muslim Brotherhood operatives have been courting the Black Lives Matter movement.

3) And we know that the NOI, while not orthodox Sunni, is a "gateway drug" cult for American blacks to convert to Sunni Islam.

4) And we know that the organizer of the Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas, at which this commando operation killing 5 police officers were murdered and 6 others wounded,  is a radical Leftist "Baptist" who in his adoration for Islam sounds and looks more like a Ginger Muslim convert.

5) And finally, we know that by now, the mainstream news media and our mainstream political representatives & law enforcement have cultivated an irrationally extreme See-No-Islam attitude & policy whenever Islamic attacks occur on Western soil anywhere in the West -- so that even if they don't inform the public that this is an Islamic terror attack, we can no longer trust that this reflects them conscientiously doing their job to inform and protect us.

Put 1-5 together and it would take an irrational stubbornness (and/or an ethically narcissistic indulgence in the virtue of skepticism) to resist the reasonable inference that this event was an Islamic razzia.


Egghead said...

Whites MUST stop the razzia of each other:

Egghead said...

Fascinating one state versus two state article.

I would summarize it, but I wonder that Israelis apply the terms - right, left, and liberal - to themselves in very unexpected ways.

Egghead said...

Haett Klukka comment:

'Between the days of the Himyarite kingdom and the mid-20th century when Rothchild family and other wealthy Zionist sponsors began acquiring large pieces of the Palestine Mandate, there was almost constant harmony between Muslims and Jews. Indeed, the Muslims actively protected Jews from the Crusaders and other Christians.'

Egghead said...

One wonders if Haett Klukka has ever thought to ask WHY past Muslims 'protected' Jews?!

Jews provided the 'brain power' that effectively administered and perpetuated Muslim rule to the extreme detriment of Christians and other non-Muslims enslaved and tortured by Islam.

Egghead said...

Note well that, when Jewish sons were exempted from being drafted and 'converted' to Islam as janissaries, Sephardic Jews benefited equally to Ashkenazi Jews!