Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cracking down on the backgammon players who disobey the rules on board The Titanic...

My title was inspired by Hugh Fitzgerald's latest piece ("Shaking Hands is an Important Part of our Culture"), in which he actually argues that the Swiss insisting on their cultural tradition of handshakes is really going to help stem the tide of the inexorable water level of Mohammedan invasion of Europe inundating the West slowly but surely as a sort of Biblical deluge.  On the contrary, such insistence that Muslims assimilate is only reinforcing our collectively vague sense that the growing Muslim infiltration and insinuation into the fabric of our societies is a fait accompli about which we can do nothing -- except insist that they behave themselves.  As though the only problem of Muslims is their unruly breaches of etiquette.

More and more, I've become convinced that Counter-Jihad Mainstream analysts like Hugh must have a different problem in their mind from the one I have -- theirs is apparently considerably less alarming.  We're both interpreting pretty much the same body of data, and both of us are relatively free from PC MC.  So which one of our interpretations is closer to the truth?  (For more analysis of this, see my corollary essay.)

Another image, another metaphor, that comes to mind, from a European country not far from Switzerland: that of the Dutch boy sticking his finger in a dyke thinking this will prevent a flood (and indeed it did -- in the fanciful fairy tale...).

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