Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nettles & Nits: From the Jihad Watch Comments archives...


Beginning at 2:36 of this video, a joint interview with Michael Coren and Robert Spencer back in 2012 about Islamic honor killings, Robert Spencer says:

"It's undeniable. The fact is, that human nature is everywhere the same. And a parent to kill a child is not a natural impulse -- it goes against every natural impulse. And so, the vast majority of Muslim parents are exactly like the vast majority of any other parents."

At about the same time, Spencer also featured Coren in a Jihad Watch article which Spencer begins thusly [bold emphasis mine]:

The superb Michael Coren excoriates the politically correct obfuscation of Islamic honor killings.  

In a comment at the time, I (under the nickname "LemonLime") wrote a comment, beginning with a quote from the "superb" Michael Coren:

"Yes, of course the vast majority of Muslims would never kill or harm their children"

And I went on to say:


I think the more accurate way of putting this is

"Yes, of course the vast majority of Muslims don't kill their children"

Because, the "would never" implies that Spencer a) knows the minds of hundreds of millions of Muslims, which is absurd; and b) that he knows the future, which is also absurd.

Secondly, if we're going to include "harm" in this equation, it's highly likely that a hell of a lot of harm (i.e., emotional and physical abuse) is going on among a hell of a lot of Muslim families around the world, more than the implied tiny minority (the logical opposite of a "vast majority", no?); and anyway, why add the distraction of familial abuse to this equation especially in favor of Muslims, when we are focusing on (honor) killing per se?


To which the "unofficial librarian" of Jihad Watch, an irritable Aussie woman nicknamed "dumbledoresarmy" who also belongs to the "Rabbit Pack" (the unofficial lynch mob slash high school clique of Counter-Jihad Softies at Jihad Watch comments), responded by carefully -- and needlessly -- picking a nit out of my comment:


You wrote -"among this "vast majority" of Muslims Spencer was exonerating"...
Not Spencer. Coren. The sentence "Yes, of course the vast majority of Muslims would never kill or harm their children" was NOT written by Robert Spencer; it was written by Coren, it is part of the article Coren wrote for the Toronto Sun.


To which I responded:


I see. Well, it certainly seems to be endorsed by Spencer. I don't see anything "superb" about a man who has such an opinion which is a sweepingly generous generalization about approximately one billion Muslims around the world. And if you must quibble with "endorsed" then you cannot deny countenanced.


Well, dumbledoresarmy needed to spiff up her libarian's skills (and stop pestering me for doing my small part for quality control of the Counter-Jihad). For not only was I correct that Spencer countenances that most unsuperb generalization by Coren; as I proved up top, he affirms it -- reiteratively.


Egghead said...

As a white Western Christian, it is IRRELEVANT to me whether the vast majority of Muslims would - or would not - harm or kill their children.

What IS relevant is whether the vast majority of Muslims would harm or kill white Western children - and history and current events CLEARLY prove that Muslims would harm and kill white Western children.

Moreover, the history of janissaries shows that Jews are willing to HELP Muslims to harm and kill white Western children.

Jihad is just an honor maiming or killing for the honor of Mohammed (versus a Muslim family).

Anonymous said...

I seeing no commentarys inside original article post sources.

Anonymous said...

What is problem with retard post coment? No date in post coment! I post coment and is there no date! Plz fix eror.

Hesperado said...

"I seeing no commentarys inside original article post sources."

That's because Robert Spencer's tech genius, "Marc", has seen fit to rid Jihad Watch archives of their comment sections, and the only way to retrieve them is through the laborious process of the "Wayback Machine".


Sometimes I take the trouble of ferreting them out to put in my posts; this time I didn't. (And when I do go spelunking in the Wayback Machine among Jihad Watch archives, it's not all tedious labor; oftentimes I run into old posts of mine -- and if they're within the last two or three years, there will almost certainly be the Energizer Bunny, "Angemon", and often also that obtuse blunderbuss, "Philip Jihadski", zooming in to pester and harrass and attack me for being too hard on Muslims. And naturally none of the other regulars -- gravenimage, Mirren, Wellington, dumbledoresarmy, Davegreybeard, PRCS, Western Canadian, et al. -- are there to help me out and stand up for my harder stance on Muslims.)

Hesperado said...

"I seeing no commentarys inside original article post sources."

Thanks -- I just fixed that.