Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Frank warfare against the Franks

We must reasonably speculate that the idea -- and tactic -- of feigned assimilation, using deception & disinformation, is of crucial importance in Islam (what has come to be known as “Stealth Jihad”) in the perpetual quest by Mohammedans for more Lebensraum for the supremacy of their Sharia Law.  For, given the current weakness of Muslims compared with their perennial enemy, “Rome” (i.e., the West), they cannot launch a major military invasion against us as they did for over a solid millennium from the 7th to the 17th centuries, when the military and technology of both sides was less astronomically asymmetrical as it is in modern times.  Mohammedans, thus, cannot wage frank warfare against the Franks, and it's highly unlikely they don't know this.  What they can wage, however, is "Jihad by other means".

I recall in about 1999, nosing around in recondite books I picked up in a dusty used bookstore, as well as foreign language dictionaries from the college library, my surprise when I saw essentially the same word for “foreigner” -- ferengi -- in an old Siamese-English dictionary (that's Siam, the old name for Thailand) and in a modern Kurdish dictionary. How on Earth, I thought, could Thai people have the same word for “foreigneras the Kurds do...?  I recalled at the time from previous history classes that there was historically an “Islamic corridorrunning from the Pacific to the Atlantic (a corridor both geographic and cultural); though when I first learned that in the 1980s, I was only dimly aware of the militant expansionism that made that possible, and even less aware (thanks to my Western education) of the colossal scale of the violence and intellectually stultifying supremacism perpetrated by Muslims as they expanded violently to found an Empire larger than Alexander the Great's.  

The ferengi were not merely “foreigners” to the Muslims expanding the ambit of their imperialistic voracity from the 7th century forward -- they were the foreigners par excellence to the north, the “Franks generally speaking (for the Arabic word farenghi is a garbled rendering of the old form of Frank, Francus).  These Franks, or Europeans (as time went along, the term in Islamic terms conflated with Europeans in general), kept Muslims at bay and frustrated their attempts at total conquest for over a thousand years, until by the late 17th century the West began to outstrip their perennial nemesis on every level conceivable -- military, technological, scientific, philosophical, cultural, and in terms of that crucial sociological component which Muslims will always lack: a relatively healthy social infrastructure (not without flaws, of course, since nothing in life is perfect).  And with each passing century after that, the West kept surpassing Islam -- indeed the rest of the world -- by leaps and bounds, amazingly, astoundingly, astronomically.

So now as Muslims undergo their global revival of their perennial dream of world conquest, they have their work cut out for them.  They can't just invade us frankly; they must use a parallel strategy of stealth.  Stealth Jihad by itself, however, won’t do the trick; it needs to work in tandem -- in hidden tandem, of course (else it wouldn’t be “stealth”, now would it?) -- with paramilitary violence of various forms.  This can range all over the map from antisocial behavior, up to mere criminality -- both of which fools most in the West into thinking it’s not part of a hot war against us (or, more incoherently, among the Softies in the Counter-Jihad Mainstream, that okay, it is part of a hot war against us, but should not be really treated as such because supposedly our Western laws & constitutions prohibit us from taking measures that would protect our societies from the imminent yet protracted threat of destruction and death which Muslims will eventually wreak in pursuit of the perennial desideratum).

Further, the paramilitary violence of the Jihad of the Sword in our epoch manifests as well in forms of Islamic violence such as honor killings and apostate lynchings; further on up to civil unrest (violent demonstrations, riots); further on up to terror attacks proper (which themselves have variety, from an assassination of one prominent individual (e.g., a Theo Van Gogh, whose assassination, by the way, was part of a larger plot to assassinate others, including Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the Jewish mayor of Amsterdam) to classic terror attacks like 911, the London Tube bombing, Madrid, Bali, Boston; to commando attacks like Khartoum, Mumbai, Nairobi, Paris, Brussels, San Bernadino; etc.

As I said above, this whole rich tapestry of paramilitary violence that forms half of the Covert War against us -- the other half being Stealth Jihad, aided enormously by our Western Useful Idiocy in allowing millions of Muslims to insinuate themselves deep into the interstices and fabric of our societies -- is being pursued mainly because Mohammedans feel they are unable to wage frank warfare against the Franks (i.e., us).

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Egghead said...

France is a takeover target because Muslims want to control a permanent seat (i.e., veto against military action against Muslims) on the Security Council of the United Nations.