Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fifth piece of the puzzle...

We continue merrily on in our series, merrily, merrily, merrily, Jihad's but a dream.  

If only.

Anywho.  My series here subjects to a critical analysis Robert Spencer's recent, lengthy, and unprecedented response to pseudo-reformer Zuhdi Jasser.  Recap links of all the pieces of the puzzle thus far:

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Today's piece involves Spencer rightfully latching onto one name on a list of Muslim "reformers" whom Jasser listed as beacons of light to save the world from "Islamism" -- specifically, the Bosnian Muslim leader Izetbegovic.  Spencer marshals the minimum evidence needed to shoot that camel in its tracks before it leaves Jasser's starting-box.  Not that we should need any evidence at all to disqualify any Muslim on the list -- or any Muslim whatsoever, wherever.  Oh sorry, I forgot to think like a Counter-Jihad Mainstreamer, where we still accord any and every Muslim with the suicidally generous principle of Presume innocent before Islamist.

Now, here's the important piece, buried amid others in Spencer's over-complication of the issue:

If that’s the best “reformer” that Zuhdi Jasser can come up with, how can we not be skeptical? It’s no wonder that Zuhdi Jasser, with his Blaze program, and his CPAC speech, and his Fox appearances, and the uncritical adulation of so very many non-Muslims on the Right, is feeling insecure and threatened: his position is incoherent, and somewhere in his heart of hearts, even he knows it. And so not content with all the fame and fawning and financial advantages, he lashes out against the few remaining people who dare to challenge him on the facts, desperate to destroy us. He is in this doomed to fail as spectacularly as he has in trying to reform Islam, because there is just one weapon we have that he does not: the truth. [bold emphasis added]

 "...and somewhere in his heart of hearts, even he knows it."

There goes Spencer again, generously assuming Jasser is not doing taqiyya.  And rather than hit Jasser honestly, square on the kisser, by reasonably assuming he is doing stealth jihad, Spencer bobs and weaves and accuses Jasser of, at the very worst, all too human and amorphously un-Islamic motives of greed and need for fame; since after all, according to Spencer, Jasser's "heart is in the right place".

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