Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Surprise, Surprise...

Yesterday in the heart of London, there was (another) terrorist attack.  To the broader Mainstream, it was perpetrated by a terrorist who has nothing to do with Islam.  To the Counter-Jihad Mainstream, it was perpetrated by a "jihadist" who is somehow meaningfully distinct from all other non-"jihadist" Muslims.

The anti-Islam website & news journal headquartered in Paris, Riposte Laique (and, unlike Robert Spencer, they actually are anti-Islam), has a synopsis that usefully puts this into perspective:

“Since the attack, British Parliament has been totally shut down, and deputies and journalists who happened to be inside Parliament buildings were placed under maximum security and forbidden to leave the buildings for their own protection. Parliament is being prepared to be thoroughly searched for bombs.  The entire center of London is blockaded; authorities have evacuated civilians from there and have prevented anyone else from entering.  Helicopters are circling Parliament as well as 10 Downing Street.

“At the beginning of March, Scotland Yard announced that British security services have foiled 13 terror plots since June of 2013 in the United Kingdom.  Since August of 2014, the threat level has remained at ‘grave’, the 4th of a scale of 5 [5 being the worst].  Following the Muslim attacks in France of November 13, 2015, British police announced the deployment of 600 additional armed police in London, bringing their numbers to 2,800.”


Richard James said...

Here in the UK we keep hearing the same bullshit from every Authority, today from our Prime Minister Theresa May: that we will beat 'the Terrorists' by showing them we will continue going about our lives as normal. That assumes that the only threat from Muslims is terror Jihad

25 years ago I had never seen a hijab, 15 years ago I had never seen a burqa or a niqab, 10 years ago I didn't know what a 'halal' symbol looked like, five years ago I had not seen groups of young Muslim men in robes and half-beards on the streets of my city centre harassing and intimidating English men and women quietly sipping wine outside cafes.

Now when I'm out I see hijabs every minute, burqas and niqabs every few minutes, halal signs on almost every independent food business and even some food chain-stores. I have seen Muslim youths harassing drinkers only twice so far but I expect them to become more common and much more aggressive at a rate similar to the propagation of hijabis.

Life continue as normal? Life has long since ceased being normal in the UK thanks to our colonisation by these evil Muslims. There's nothing normal about feeling afraid to speak your mind for fear some malign Muslim vermin will try to kill you for it.

Theresa May and the rest of them are all whistling in the dark: the disease of Islam has already damaged this country, and the one sure way of stopping a disease from spreading further is to destroy its vector.

Get rid of Muslims and there's no more Islam.

Nobody said...

Does JW still have the kneejerk reactions to the BNP that there used to be?

Hesperado said...

Richard James, what you describe and what you've been noticing is the "Slow Jihad", which involves & results in a slow but steady transformation of the host culture. That by itself would not be terribly worrisome, were it not the mere vehicle for a more thoroughgoing takeover in the distant future ("distant" to those who think 75-100 years is that long away, for an End to Civilization as we know it) which perforce would be attended by violence on a scale virtually indistinguishable from frank warfare on our soil.

I.e., were it not for the Violence component of Islam, with its long arc of time calculated to conquer, which obviously they can't do now, but which in any event cannot be done without rampant violence, I wouldn't worry that much, and would consider what Western polities have been doing thus far to be adequate.

Hesperado said...

Nobody, As far as I've seen, neither JW articles nor anyone in comments has mentioned the BNP for years. It's like they don't exist anymore.