Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kitman or Tawriya...?

The Attorney General of the United States of America, Loretta Lynch, is one of a small handful of people who have the highest obligation to tell the truth under law.

The American legal phrase used in courts across the nation to swear in testimony is refers to:

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

This seemingly redundant phrase is masterful because if followed conscientiously, would prevent the person from engaging in two of the main forms of Islamic deception -- kitman and tawriya (subtypes of taqiyya).  Kitman is telling half the truth, but leaving out a crucial portion of the truth.  Tawriya is is deceit by ambiguity.

When we look at our Attorney General's pronouncement upon the Orlando terror attack by the Muslim ghazi Omar Mateen, it's difficult to tell which form of taqiyya it fits best:

"The most effective response to terror is compassion, unity and love."

The Attorney General is correct:  From the standpoint of Islamic Jihad, the most effective response to terror is when their enemies fail to fight back, and rather think they must indulge in the Kumbaya virtues of compassion, unity and love.  Such a response by us will indeed most effectively help Muslims conquer our societies.  So the Attorney General was speaking the truth.  The truth from the perspective of Islamic victory, that is.

In a way this is both deception by speaking half the truth, and a manipulation of the semantics of rhetoric through ambiguity: thus a combination of kitman and tawriya. 

Do I think Attorney General Lynch is actually doing taqiyya?  Or is she one of the thousands of influential Useful Idiots the West suffers under?  It's becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the latter view, but in the interest of Ockham's Razor, I still do:  the behavior of our "Elites" over the past 15 years in response to the metastasizing danger of Islam can be explained by a pervading culture of politically correct multi-culturalism (PC MC), so there's no need to reach for the more elaborate and implausibly diabolical explanation of some sort of conspiracy.  This principle is reinforced by the fact that innumerable non-Elites throughout the West evidently share varying degrees of that same PC MC perspective.

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