Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What if the Idaho Falls Muslim rapists were U.S. citizens...?


The recent Jihad Watch report on the rape of a 5-year-old girl in Idaho Falls by three Muslim boys (ages 8, 11 and 13) has generated an unprecedented (or rarely precedented) number of comments there -- 278 and still growing, and it was only published yesterday.  [UPDATE:  a few hours later, the comments are up to 360]

One commenter there, "robert galluzzo", whom one Jihad Watch reader has called an "Agent of Disinformation", has been needling the commenting community there with not-so-subtle accusations of fomenting a lynch-mob mentality (example, "You were advocating violent mob action with torches and pitchforks like in a Frankenstein movie!"), along with other assorted, slyly insinuated points related to that.

Initially, the report indicated that the perps were Syrian refugees.  However, the story seems tangled up in the kind of mainstream anxiety not to tar Muslims that we see has become typical in the post-911 West (this process of denial year after year accelerating as Muslim behavior gets worse and worse), and some of the facts of the story are either being suppressed, "managed", or are only coming out in drips and drabs rather than in the timely manner that would befit our representatives in politics and journalism.

Apparently, the latest news on the perps, relayed by this "robert galluzzo" character, is that they were two Sudanese and one Iraqi.  Naturally, "robert galluzzo" thinks he scored one against the Counter-Jihad by pointing this out, as though that lets the perps off the hook.

However, in the waters-muddying splashes of disinformation he has been trying to make in that comments thread, "robert galluzzo" did advert to one point that the Jihad Watch regulars -- particularly the "Rabbit Pack" of long-time veterans who command a kind of in-group clique there (and have individuals like "Angemon" and "joe blow" to police those who get "out of line" with bullying tactics and intricately voluminous sophistry) -- in my long and deep experience with them over the years, don't want to face squarely and discuss maturely:  namely, the problem of vetting any and all Muslims, not just "immigrants".

And this problem immediately (if one is thinking rationally about it, assessing the mountains of data and oceans of dots we already have) leads to the problem of what to do about it.  The latter problem wouldn't be such a big deal, if it weren't systemic (effectively all Muslims, since we can't tell the difference between dangerous Muslims and harmless Muslims) and metastasizing (getting horribly worse and more lethal for us, decade after decade).

So, this "robert galluzzo" character, like a broken clock, finally posed a good point:

  • We don’t know when or if they were vetted. They may have been born in the US like the
    Orlando shooter was.

[UPDATE: Apparently, the Muslim perps are indeed immigrants, but not recent immigrants.  This makes about as much of a hill of beans' difference to our #1 priority -- our society's safety from Muslims -- as if they were citizens]

Dozens of times over the years, the Jihad Watch thought police ("Angemon" and "joe blow") have pestered me and attacked me for raising robust points of alarm at our situation of a horribly worsening problem of Muslims in our society -- whereby the distinction between Muslim "citizens" of any given Muslim polity and Muslim "immigrants" should not matter.  But "Angemon" and "joe blow" are so anxiously concerned to protect Muslims, they apparently feel obliged to spend literally hundreds of hours in hundreds of different comments threads on Jihad Watch over years of time, policing commenters like me (even to the point of organizing a lynch mob against me to get me banned from there altogether).

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The Russophobe angemon must be put in is place. And his group of graveimage, DFD, wellinton westcanadian must be too.